Monday, April 9, 2012

What can happen sans internet

A weekend without cell phone service or internet looks like:
Our beautiful getaway for the weekend. My parents built this cottage over 25 years . All the woodwork you see (including the barrel coffee table, the window coverings, the stairs- even the bedframes and bathroom vanity) are all hand crafted by my dad. We spent a lot of time just reading by the fire.
 Chillaxing with the view of our lake our first evening there.
 Potential real estate for friendly tree swallows who nest every year (and eat up all the mosquitos!)
 look WAAAY up, this pine has a tiny board that childhood friends would climb up up up with the help of a few 2x4s and a rope. 
 About halfway up the cottage's road Andrew's cell phone buzzed- brief moment of service! Andrew here trying to see if he could respond to the text. Moved two feet and the service was gone.
 On the 'main' dirt road, going for a walk after supper
 I've always loved the hand piled rock walls that divided land randomly in the woods (this was off the road into the woods about 15 ft). As this wall would have been made at least 80 years ago, when horses and wagons logged in these woods, it's strange to think that although the land was never developed, someone felt it important to divide the land.
What do you do when internet isn't available? Attempt to move some tree logs!

 Mr. Loon came out on our last day!

 The absolute stillness was breathtaking. Nothing but the sound of the river, the birds and the wind through the trees. It was long since due. Although parks and treelined streets are nice, nothing can replace the complete silence of being in the woods.

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  1. So lovely! I'm envious and need to arrange a weekend like that for myself sometime soon! Glad you had a lovely time, and how wonderful to be in a place that has so much family history.

  2. Beautiful! I love the pic of Andrew moving logs! LOL!

  3. wow - jaw dropping photos. Seriously beautiful and I envy you having such a place so close to mother earth. Absolutely beautiful! You must feel like a new person after spending time there....sans internet - isn't it wonderful to go without sometimes?

  4. Looks like a little piece of heaven! Would love to just curl up by the fire and read all weekend.


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