Thursday, March 15, 2012

Singing for Dr. Jay

Taking a deep breath, upon request by Dr. Jay...

This song is La Corrida by Francis Cabrel. I don't do it justice, but it's a seriously beautiful and haunting song about the Spanish bull fighting (La Corrida) from the Bull's perspective... My favourite part:
"Je ne savais pas qu'on puisse autant amuser autour d'une tombe" (I didn't know you could celebrate around a tomb) and the chorus: "Est-ce que ce monde est sérieux?" (kinda like 'are you kidding me?' but in a tragic way).

The first time I heard this song was sitting in JEAN-PIERRE's (yes his name deserves majescules), hair stylist chair, he was ouuu-ing and ahh-ing over my hair, drinking wine and informed me 'Zat you MUST lizin to zis song!' and cranked it to near ear drum blowing decibel. Love at first listen (too bad my hair cut by JEAN-PIERRE was more of a bowl cut....).

I hope you enjoy it :)


  1. This is beautiful! You have an amazing singing voice :) Would love to hear some more of you singing/playing!

  2. I love listening to your music! So beautiful! (P.S. Where did you get those gorgeous earrings?)

  3. @Amy: aww- thank yoU! :)

    @Christine: Thank yoU! It's such a difficult thing to put myself out there on the internet.... lol

    @FiveSeed: thank you! I know- aren't they gorgeous?? My friend H bought them at a local jewellery store that carries Canadian artists. I'm not sure who made them. I will find out :) Currently we are trading my earrings for hers-
    we have a community earring and scarf stash!

  4. Very nice, Lisa...and consider me honored...

  5. Oh, that is definitely one of my favourite Cabrel songs! Actually, there are so many that I love. Beautiful! Congrats for being brave & posting it!

  6. Dr Jay and La Gitane: thank you :)

    La Gitane: I know it's such a beautiful song- it sounds better with his accent, but there ya go. If I sang it in my "acadian" accent it would have been more twangy and weird lol!


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