Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magical Tarot for October- Ask Away!

I adore October, the changing colour of the leaves, the chillier weather combined with (hopefully) the crisp autumn sun... and Halloween. Oh how I've always loved the magic of Halloween. The costumes, the candy and the spooky stories. Everything appears magical.

What I really don't like about Halloween is the plastic, wasteful consumerism that goes along with it. Although I've always loved Halloween, I've always hated having to dress up- mostly because I don't want to spend money on one-off occasion costumes made from nylon (re:oil) and in China.

Once I welcomed paganism in my life, Samhain- the pagan holiday when the veil between the living and the dead is at it's thinnest, becomes another layer of awesomeness for this month. I truly believe that so many non-pagans love this month because they too perceive that little spark of extra "magic" the closer we get to Samhain.

I wanted to share that little bit of spiritual magic with my non-pagan peeps, and bring a very environmentally friendly bit of Samhain to you!

Until Samhain I'll be posting a "Tarot Card Post" once a week. Comment here, or email me, with a question or comment you'd like me to ask the cards and I'll include a picture of the card pulled and the description in my next post! (*note, this is meant to be fun, so please treat it as such :) ).

Today's Tarot:
My question: How will this weekend visiting the in-laws and my fabulous friend M. go? (I'm a little anxious because I've been missing my yoga practice this week- too busy every evening, there's some emotional stuff happening with M., and the in-laws are well, the in-laws).

Middle Card: The Situation at Hand
9 of Swords: Just the picture says it all. Swords are the suit of air and intellect, and are often pointy and sharp in their message and image. This card is associated with worry, sorrow and pain (which matches the friend's emotional situation and my obvious concern for her during this difficult time). This card also encourages acceptance. What this tells me is that although there will be stressful and tiring aspects of this weekend, acceptance will make the trip smoother.

Left Card: The Unconscious Energies that are Influencing the Question
The Magician (a major arcana): The magician generally symbolizes consciousness, transformation and creative will (essentially the "magical" parts of life). It suggests that magic is present in our lives- which as the "unconscious energies that surround me" card, along with it being October and my whole little shpeel I just typed BEFORE pulling these cards I might add- is pretty darn poignant.

Right Card: What Can Help in This Situation
The 6 of Cups: Cups are the suit of water and emotion. Genuine harmony, a merger of masculine and feminine characteristics, the emotional ideal. I can combine this with the traditional Ryder interpretation of nostalgia, as M. and I go way back. For my question, the 6 of Cups is pointing to the resources that will be helpful to keep me grounded and my emotions in balance: my stable and wonderful husband and my friendship with M. When things get tense, I'll have to remember to breathe, listen and Love.

With a little bit of Magic, anything is possible!

Leave a comment for next week's post!

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  1. Great idea to bring a little "magic" into the month! I love the Tarot, and have several decks that I pull out at various times depending on my mood. From this reading, it looks like you have everything you need - both internally within yourself and with the strong foundation that you have with your friend, to face whatever challenges might come along. Great reading!

  2. I love Samhain - it is my absolute favourite time of year. I am glad that the English weather has gone back to behaving as it should do for this time of year now.

    Your deck is beautiful - what is it?

  3. How lovely! I love tarot but it's ages since I've used my cards so I'm a little rusty.

    My question is some general advice on moving forward through the autumn without anxiety seeing as I have so much on. Any advice gratefully received on that one I think!

  4. Oh my gosh!! YOU ROCK!! This is totally right up my alley! I adore Halloween too, much more than X-mas...this is my all time favourite season!
    What a fabulous gift to do card readings.
    My question (if you have time), is "Should I move myself and my daughter out of our area to a bigger more lucrative city or should we stay put as I am always moving"?
    Happy Happy Friday!!


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