Monday, October 10, 2011

Being Thankful for Change

After each yoga practice I thank my body for being healthy enough to practice.
My bones, my muscles, my heart and my lungs for the privilege of movement and without injury or disease.
I give thanks for my inflexibility, as at least I can practice.
I spend a few moments sending thoughts to those I know who are too ill for this practice.

Today I am thankful for my beautiful family, loving husband and fabulous friends.

I'm thankful that our social mores are moving towards making the environment matter in our daily lives and for making polluting increasingly "uncool".

I'm thankful that as women obtain more equality across the globe, so will our societies become more just, healthy and environmentally conscious.

I'm thankful that through practicing yoga mindfully I can connect with myself, my community and our Planet.
(Here we are so thankful for our delicious wedding cake! A year this coming Sunday...)

Change comes from within each of us. 
I'm thankful that we all can make change happen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I am needing cake now. I am thankful that I could go get some if I wanted. It's the simple things....

  2. That cake looks delicous! Of course I zero in on the food first:) All great things to be grateful for. I am also glad that caring about the environment is no longer uncool--I remember when it was.


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