Monday, October 17, 2011

The House Hippo Life Lesson

Oh the House Hippo. I blame lost socks, papers and weird creaks on our House Hippo inhabitants.

House Hippos are an important lesson on critical thinking when it comes to the media. It most certainly was one of my first lessons on critical thinking just before university. How to ask the right questions.

House Hippos can teach us about many things.

Such as Greenwashing. Just because it's written, just because our media tells us, or just because you here it on the cbc doesn't make it true. Just because you read it on this blog (although... I AM pretty much an expert on House Hippos...).

They can teach us to question Body Image and how our media and society want us to *think* we should look like.

House Hippos can even teach us about Yoga. How it's portrayed in the media, how it's used and even sold.

The best House Hippo lesson? How to take a moment to examine and thoughtfully consider seemingly well-meaning, cyclic explanations and products. Like biodegradable coffee cups,  Clorox 'Greenworks' cleaning company, or tree-planting neat unnatural rows of soft woods to replace clear-cut rich and diverse forest.

Everyone needs a House Hippo.

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