Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Yoga-Music-Enlightenment Triangle

Any musicians out there in internetland, you'll know what I'm talking about- Music=Yoga=Spirituality. Not as a then-then-therefore type connection, but more of a triangularity of Music intersects with Yoga and I would argue enlightenment (or connecting with the Divine).
(me and my new Larrivé guitar at our old apartment a few years ago- I am very happy.)

When I was taking classical piano and voice lessons the whole losing myself in music wasn't really present. I practiced my scales (major, minor, dominant, augmented... you classicists got me), 45 minutes of classical piano practice and 30 minutes of voice every day. Although hugely beneficial, this practice didn't even compare to how my 3am piano-singing sessions, wrapped in my grandmère's quilt in my pyjamas  made me feel. Or when I got to belt it out while singing alone surrounded by forest, or with my high school band on stage (hello noise induced bilateral sensorineural hearing loss with a dose of tinnitus).

Yoga sometimes makes me feel that way. Not during a teacher led class, or while practicing with friends or during yogaglo. It's those yoga moments outside, on the beach or alone in the apartment just flowing where I feel connected.

But... yoga is even better with the right music and doesn't even compare to how I feel when I sing and play guitar. I honestly don't feel that without music I wouldn't have coped as well during difficult parts of my life.

A beautiful song, especially spiritual music (even Christian hymns and choir music, which do not fit within my own religious beliefs as a Goddessian) often move me to tears.

The Music-Yoga-Spirituality Triangle. Should be tacked on every yogi(ni)s wall. Ya know?

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  1. I just finished an amazing over two hour home practice, complete with a playlist on my ipod specially put together just beforehand (which was so awesome, in a totally subjective kinda way, that part of what kept me going past the two hour mark was wanting all of that music in my practice this evening).

    Also in the room where I practice are my guitars--and acoustic and an electric, with practice amp...neither of which I've played in long, long time...but, maybe next time I'll try to work it in with the asanas (most likely before or after)...

  2. Oh, I do know!! In fact, I was just talking about this with someone today (a Canadian, in fact, though we are both in New Zealand!)!! I miss playing music so much, but it is really hard to carry about pianos and timpani. But before yoga, music was my only true connection to the Divine. Thank you!

  3. Totally. I once had someone question if kirtan (chanting to music) was a part of yoga. And I'm all, TOTALLY!

    I'd say whatever music makes you feel. Better again - music with beautiful lyrics that you can sing along to, loudly and with all of y our heart.

    This is why I love kirtan because all these things are encouraged, no matter if you've got a good singing voice or not.

    And here's something to consider. I don't or didn't have a very good singing voice. But learning to sing from the heart has opened up my voice and changed it. I still mightn't be a fabulous opera singer, but I sure as heck can sing well enough.

    Singing, chanting... they've totally saveed my sanity many times.

  4. just promise me you'll never sing 'he's got the whole world in his hands' oK? :) i took guitar lessons as a kid and we had to play that over and over and over and over and....

    btw my word verification today is "pooship" hehehee

  5. Because it is so evocative, a carefully chosen soundtrack can make such a difference to a practice. I'm still a little amazed at a sequence I did a few years ago while listening to Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra. Total wacka-wacka 70s music, but somehow I hit a spot and just kept going and going.

    I've been toying with taking voice lessons and imagining the same kind of response as Svasti...

  6. I love this! It's so true. Good music can make all the difference in a yoga practice. Sometimes I find myself frustrated with my regular teacher b/c I'm so over the music he chooses. I feel shallow, but it's true.

    And nothing beats the feeling I get when I'm singing, even just around the house. Thumbs up to everything svasti said about kirtan!

  7. I LOVE singing and do it almost all the time. I just wish I was better at it...voice lessons are outside our budget right now...

    Listening to music and singing (I can't yet play an instrument) have been my life line during many tumultuous parts of my life but also during very joyous moments and I cannot imagine life without it. So far the only music I have ever practiced with has been those New Age Yoga Cds and they just don't do it for me. Maybe I will try making my own playlist...

  8. Are you familiar with Cyprian Consiglio? He's a phenomenal musician who takes (mostly Christian) religious texts and turns them into songs- keeping the text in tact.

    "I Will Bow and Be Simple," "Moon in my Body," "Lead me from Death into Life," and "This is who You Are" are some that transcend religions and go straight to the soul- though I love all of his music.

    He mixes non-western instruments into the arrangements and they can be truly soul-wowing!

  9. I like Yoga Music,
    Nice post and like it.

  10. Namaste Eco Yogini.

    My name is Sean Drohan and I am a Yoga and Dharma Guide here in HRM (and beyond). We both teach outside in the south end on the same day and time :) I am starting a series of Yoga/Dharma discussions with music events in Halifax. You seem to be in harmony with it's aspirations. Please feel free to contact me at, or YouTube channel search "forest yogin". I am also a wilderness guide for the CB Highlands. Have fun in CB :)

    Oh yeah, and I have a Larrivee :)

    namasteand KI KI SO SO

    Dechen Lamkhen

  11. Hey there Eco-Yogini,

    I hope that you are well.

    This is Sean Drohan again.

    I mentioned a year ago that I was developing a continuing Yoga/Dharma Music event.

    Well we had the pilot in the Spring.

    It was an overwhelming luminous success.

    Then next one is On October 25th.


    It can be found on Kijiji under "Yoga Music Event".

    (*You can contact me by responding to this add as well.)


    You gave me your email a year ago, however I forget your actual name ?

    I believe that you had a Cape Breton trip planned then as well.

    Anyway, I would like to contact you directly again about this :)

    namaste and KI KI SO SO



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