Monday, May 16, 2011

A little case of flower kleptomania

I adore flowers. Growing up, in little tiny, population 500, rural Nova Scotia, basically all flowers were free for the picking. Seriously. Well- except for lady slippers, as they're endangered... At the age of 3(ish) I picked one at Ellenwood Park cuz it was pretty. Sadly the Park Ranger (or whatever they're called here in Nova Scotia) saw and yelled at my little preschool self. It was traumatizing.

 Me frantically picking mayflowers...
Ok, so obviously I may have had this weird preconception that flowers are free for everyone since birth. Being able to pick anyone's flowers wherever I went also didn't quite help curb this urge.

 Yay flowers!!!
I think I just realized that maybe this might be a problem. Even after moving to various cities my urge to pick flowers didn't abate. It was like living in a city, which would obviously entail different social rules regarding property of nature since, didn't phase me. I'm pretty sure I randomly picked flowers throughout my undergrad in Fredericton.

While living in Montreal there were a few evenings walking (ok stumbling and giggling) home with friends that I would stoop by newly planted flowers and do a walk-and-grab, roots and all. I planted the pretty white flowers on my balcony and no one knew any better.

In Saint John it was a middle of the day walk-and-grab. Andrew was a bit traumatized. I reasoned that it was a government building, so technically we paid for the flowers anyway. I planted those too.

Every time we go to the Farmer's Market I just can't bring myself to actually PAY for flowers. I mean, what a silly expense, I could just go PICK some (where, I have no idea).

In the past few weeks Halifax has been filled with the most beautiful tulips. They are everywhere! Taunting me with their beauty and the fact that I'd probably get in trouble if I JUST PICKED ONE.

Ok, I am officially a weirdo flowerklepto. Officially.

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  1. Roots and all.. you're just a plantknapper of the best kind (since you replant and all). It's the healthy kind of pseudo-evil, I'd say.

  2. lol, me too :o)

    blog looks the new header and background.

  3. Maybe someday you'll have a little place in the country where you have room to plant your own flowers (and hoping that no one steals them!)


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