Friday, April 15, 2011

Shu bénaise: Acadian word of the week!

adjectif, Content, heureux. 'Je suis bénaise d'avoir pratiqué le yoga au parc mardi soir!'

Répart géographique: Maritimes (sauf le nord-ouest du N-B), îles de la Madeleine, sud de la Gaspésie, Basse-Côte-Nord; attestations sporadiques au Québec où la forme bien-aise est plus courante; rares attestations en Louisiane.

Historique: Depuis 1906, héritage de la France; attesté sous la forme benaise vers 1750. Elle même une variante de bien aise, signalé dès la fin du 15e siècle et aujourd'hui consigné avec les marques 'vieux' ou 'littéraire'. La forme benaise (ou benèze, benèse) est largement répandue dans le domaine d'oïl ainsi qu'au franco-provençal.

(Dictionnaire du français acadien, Yves Cormier; 1999 p.90)

Bénaise ('Baynayz')
adjective, pleased, happy. 'I'm happy that I practiced yoga in the park Tuesday evening!'

Use geographically: Maritimes (except the north-west of NB), Madeleine islands, south of Gaspésie, a few reports in Québec where the form 'bien-aise' is more currently used, rare reports in Louisiana.

History: Since 1906, originating from France, reported under the form benaise around 1750. A variant of bien aise, used since the end of the 15th century and today considered 'archaic' or a 'litterary' term. The form benaise (or benèze, benèse) is largely used in 'le domaine d'oïl' and franco-provençal.

Today I feel thankful for:
  • a renewed sense of yoga and fabulous Yin and Restore practice last night. Who knew, but the yoga instructor is actually from my tiny village three hours south!
  • the happenstance of meeting Anne-M. at said yin class (facebook-blog friend!).
  • a day of rest from work.
  • friends and family who I feel especially close to and supported by recently.
  • the chance to meet Roseanne from the now on break, its all yoga, baby blog in a few weeks on my trip to Montreal.
  • the opportunity to write lyrics while sipping the most yummy coffee at Smiling Goat this afternoon.
  • that despite a feeling of being overwhelmed, I take heart that so many of you care about our Earth and are striving to make a difference.

Pour quoi-ce que vous êtes bénaise?

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