Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The DivaCup Adventures: The Replacement.

In the past two months I've done a lot of traveling for work...which meant a lot of moving stuff around. Including the migration of my Diva Cup.

Now, many of you know how I adore this doodad, best invention EVER for women who are menstruating. It's been 3 years since my conversion and recently while out shopping for "feminine products" with a friend I realized that I can't even begin to imagine life back in the tampon trenches. Seriously, how did I even manage myself once a month?? Let's just recap the wonderfulness of the DivaCup:
  • Since switching over I have saved over 300$ in tampons and about 720 tampons from going in the landfill. Woot!
  • I never, EVER have to worry about being prepared for my moon time (except for this unforeseen circumstance, which I will explain shortly).
  • No more leakages, uncomfortableness, needing to "change" something during the day. The DivaCup lasts throughout 90% of my work days and all night. 
  • No uncomfortable strings or movement during yoga. EVER. LOVE!
  • Weirdly, I feel much much more connected to my moontime now that I can see it. I know, strange.
  • DivaCups are excellent for traveling; 7ish hours at a time mean less need to change during driving or flights. 
  • No more worrying about swimming... :)
  • General overall awesomeness. All around.
Ok, recap over. So back to traveling. Obviously if I'm wondering when I will start, all I need is one small little purple bag and we're good to go. Unfortunately... I honestly don't worry about anything between moontimes, not whether I have enough supplies or whatever. Which means that yesterday when I realized it was upon me (umm, just in time for Ostara, woo!) my search revealed NO DIVACUP!

Ummmm.... Uncomfortable moment. After searching every.single.place.ever I had to admit that I must have left my DC in a hotel somewhere. Awkward silence.

OMGoddess, poor poor soul who found that.

In any case, this also resulted in a "Well, now what am I supposed to do?". It has been over three years since I've had to worry about supplies. Ever. You can imagine I was a little panicked.

Sadly, I had to buy a new one. Which I canceled friend yoga today in order to accomplish.

I thought, since it is brand spanking new, that I could actually take pictures and perhaps display them here for all you Yoginis out there who were thinking of buying but maybe a bit nervous.

There are two boxes available: 1. Under 30yrs and no children- the pink box   2. Over 30yrs or have had children- blue box.

In the box you get these four things: A clear silicone Diva Cup, a handy dandy purple flowery lame bag (I mean, just cuz I have a vagina does not mean I like purple and/or flowers...), a weird flower pin and some pretty intense instructions. After opening the package, I promptly stabbed myself with the useless pin and dropped the DivaCup on the floor. Awesome.

I would also like to point out that the instructions actually have a section that states "Do NOT panic if you can't reach the stem and remove the cup..." This is essential to remember. As it happened to me the first time and Andrew was outside the door shouting: "The instructions say DO NOT PANIC! So don't panic, it is OKAY". (I never read instructions... Andrew loves instructions. As a result, he was the one who read up on the DivaCup that first time lol).

Even though I said the purple flowery bag was lame (which it is), I will admit that it can be handy to actually have a bag to store the cup in. Sadly, it doesn't stay all nice and clear (ew, sorry!). So the bag is useful. I just wish it wasn't so stereotypical.

Anyhoo, that is it. My new DivaCup. It has been sterilized in boiling water and will make my moontime so much easier for the next three/four years, while saving me money and the environment pollution.

If you're not a DivaCup yogini yet and still have questions (or are a newbie with some FAQs) check out the following posts:
  1. DivaCup: An Overshare: my first overshare with a few tips and suggestions on insertion, removal and cleaning.
  2. DivaCup: An Update! Info (partway through) on how DivaCup recommends replacing it every two years (which I think is utter crap).
  3.  DivaCup: A Love-Annoyance Relationship of Three Years and Counting: some ranting on some aspects of the DivaCup.
Also check out the DivaCup website FAQs!

What about it? Any tips, suggestions, thoughts fellow Yoginis? :)

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  1. Doesn't everyone have a Diva Cup these days? If you don't, you are so missing out on the best invention ever! It does take some time to get used to it, but it's worth it!

  2. I think I could write an ode to the DivaCup, I love it so much!

  3. the pin is just classic - it's like wearing a pin that says 'tampax', hahahahaha

  4. I am going to simply say: I bought it. I tried it. It injured me. It was WAY to big and I couldn't insert. (TMI? I figure no because of the topic.) I am over 30, so I got the 2. I am now afraid to buy the 1 because I don't want to go through the same thing and waste more money. I'm pretty sure I had bruising because I was in pain for about a week.

  5. Diva cup JOY!!! you know i loves me my DC....*sigh*

    truly, best invention EVER...


  6. Ok, I must be one of the only women in the world that doesn't have a Divacup. Because they look scary when I check them out at the store, and hello--huge! I am curious, can't you feel that huge thing? I have tried another product that's in the health store, but it didn't work all that well (understatement!). I would LOVE to get rid of all of the disposable type stuff, I guess I just need to work up my nerve.

  7. I LOVE my Diva Cup! And I have you to thank for convincing me to try it, so THANK YOU!

    Interesting that you feel more connected to your monthly cycle by using one. I find myself feeling *less* connected because it's become so easy, fuss-free and hygenic, I don't even think about it much. When the cup is in, it's like I'm not having my period!

    When I think about how much money I've saved on tampons, and how little has gone into the landfill, it makes my heart happy. I've been trying to reduce garbage and Diva Cup has contributed toward that goal. So, yay!

  8. I always have to jump in when the Diva Cup is the subject since you turned me on to its wonderfulness. I agree with all of the positive things about the DC that you mentioned, especially swimming. I just got back from a beach vacation where I put the DC to good use, SO MUCH better than a tampon. I would have done the same thing as you had I lost my DC, first priority replacement!

  9. Congratulations on your DivaCup 2.0! I am really happy with mine. Its only quirk for me was the stem--it was a bit too long at first, but once I snipped it, totally comfortable.

    I hear you on the twee purple flowered bag. My friend has promised to crochet me a squid cozy for it. I'll take pictures!

  10. Coffee out my nose laughing about you in the bathroom panicking and Andrew shouting "don't panic!". I DIE! So funny!

  11. @T: haha, wouldn't THAT be a wonderful world? lol :)

    @Anna Guest-Jelley: A Haiku!

    @EcoGrrl: YES! Exactly. sooo weird.

    @Danielle: oh no! well... wow. I honestly don't know how much bigger the DC2 is compared to DC1, but it's really so sad for you that it was painful to bruising :( Did the bruising or pain happen from just having it *in*, or was it from insertion and removal?
    When you fold a DivaCup in half, it really is the size of a regular tampon...
    In any case, of course every body is different. However... our vaginal muscles are elastic- they stretch quite a bit to deliver a baby.
    I have found a few times that if I inserted in a bit wonky it hurt or was sore afterwards.... maybe that was it?

    @Mel: WEEE!

  12. @Nicole: They really aren't that big- like I said earlier, our vaginal muscles really are elastic-y and are meant to have some "give". Also, when you insert it you have to fold it in half- so it's the size of a regular tampon and then you twist it and it opens.
    Honestly, I felt it the first few periods, but after that it's like I'm not even on my period. I barely feel anything there at all. :)

    @Kaivalya: You're right- I feel less connected in some ways (mostly the negative ways) and more connected in the positives ways- I feel like I know my cycle and my body so much better now that I can actually "see" the stuff. Weird and a bit gross... i know.

    @Downdogging in MN: Yay! So glad :) Also, I KNOW about swimming!!! Isn't it fabulous?? :)

    @VeganBurnout: hahaha DivaCup 2.0- awesome. Ouuuuu, yes yes take pictures of the new fun bag!!! :)

    @Babs: haha, yay for laughing and snorting!

  13. Yep, adding to the chorus! I have had mine for nearly 5 years now and combine it with reusable cloth pads (which don't last nearly as long!).

    The ONLY time I don't use it is when I don't have easy access to clean water - but that is a factor of my lifestyle and not an issue for most people.

    But if anyone is considering taking a Cup to travel rough, you may want to reconsider. It's critical that you have a good supply of clean water to use it and that you are able to wash your hands before and after, so it's not well suited for a lot of places where running water isn't available.

    Again - probably not an issue for most people, and for most of the time, yay DC!!

  14. I used a divacup for about 3 years, but over the last 2-3 years, i stopped because mine got worn out and i just never got around to purchasing a new one. Well, i am happy to report that this cycle, i am using one and i regret not rebuying earlier. <3 my cup

  15. just another comment to share how much i love my diva cup!!! seriously, changed my life.
    happy friday.

  16. Im a huge DC fan! I had no idea they had two different kinds though, thats fantastic news for everyone!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing the awesomeness of the DivaCup! I live in Pakistan where it's always a hassle getting tampons and where changing tampons while on the road is less than hygienic, so as soon as I get to the US this summer I'm going to order a DivaCup. Also, it would be so nice to not be scared about sleeping in with a tampon anymore. Can't wait to try it! I will no doubt be coming back to the discussions about the technicalities of using it then ;)

  18. Menstrual cups are probably one of the best inventions ever!

    I would just like to point out though that there are other menstrual cup brands besides the Diva Cup. Our vaginas are all of different shapes and sizes and the multitude of other cups allow for everyone to find the perfect one for them. Cups are not one size fits all. Mine is a small LadyCup, since my cervix is low (an important parameter!) and I have a ridiculously light period.

    This link leads to comparison charts of all the known menstrual cup brands - http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/

    A very helpful forum on anyone interested in cups - http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/


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