Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am so over the "Kickstart Your Yoga Practice" mantra

Final days of 2010... and where did my yoga practice go? I need a plan... remember my "Personal Practice Adventure" series? Ugh. Down the tubes for sure.  The local studios are pushing for "kickstarting" your 2011 practice with a class, or a 30 day practice or.... ya know. Sure, I'll just commit myself to every evening for the next 30 days, pay a ridiculous amount of money that I just happen to have after the money sucking holidays and "kickstart" my yoga practice.
 Atlantic ocean when it snows! In front of my parents house a few days ago.
 Blue Jays at home. They scared away the beautiful red cardinal, chickadees and red breasted nuthatch...
A lobster fisherman's backyard... so nice and tidy eh? Mom totally wants a shed, and I can see why. However, I am not going to argue with the yummy lobsters I was given....
Hmm, anyone else hearing the crankyness? lol.

So. Needless to say I feel a little disenchanted with the whole marketing yoga as a New Year's resolution. That and I am going to be traveling all over the province in the next three months for work. (which I'm hoping means sampling some yoga from studios across the province during the evenings!).

My loose plan to reignite the yoga fires?
  1. Attending one yoga class a week (in a studio... gasp!)
  2. Continuing the fun "friend yoga" with Yogaglo once a week at our apartment.
  3. Practicing once by myself with either yogaglo or just my own sequence- same day every week.
In order for this to work, I'll have to commit to attending a yoga class either on a Monday or Thursday... weeks in advance. Halifax Yoga and The Shala will be my main choices, mostly because  I still have passes for Halifax Yoga (and I adore Krista's Monday Flow class) and the Shala is within close walking distance.

Friend yoga will be easy to keep up, since my awesome yoga peeps keep me in line- no punking out when people are showing up to your apartment for yoga!

And practicing by myself will be a bit trickier. I'm hoping Andrew will keep me motivated, we'll have "active" time. He lifts weights and I practice yoga before supper.

What about you, yogis? Ever have a yoga slump, or feel the edges of yoga burnout?

(ps, there will be some fun news coming up for EcoYogini..... I have a picture to share, but have no idea how to transfer it from Andrew's computer to my own blogging computer... lol. So soon!)

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  1. I got a kick out of this. Maybe if the "kickstart" was uber-cheap it would be more appealing, but that's rarely the case. I'm with you on the once/week class and more at home.

  2. Yup, right there with you. There's so much focus on New Year's resolutions (yoga included) that people forget the year continues after the 1st.

    I'm definitely in a yoga slump and making a continuous effort to revamp it. I don't usually do studio time (babysitting is a pain), so I'm changing things up by trying different music during practice at home!

    Enjoy your practice!

  3. Hmm, I wonder when "kickstarting" became part of something so personal as a yoga practice? And it's also interesting that it often involves a monetary commitment as well as a time commitment. Ah, the joys of marketing - ways to further part us from our money.

    I get very cranky about anything that has to do with a 30 day commitment (or other time frame). My commitment is right where it's at, taking into account work, family, friends, home and hounds. For someone to be pontificating that I need to "commit" yet more of my limited spare time (and often money), I get agitated and yup, cranky-angry.

    I've learned to keep myself grounded by accepting that I'm right where I need to be.

    Peace and joy to you in the coming year!

  4. I'm with Kristin on this one. Where you are is perfect. There is no yoga slump. Your plans sound amazing. If you follow through with them, great! If not, great! You will enjoy yoga when you do it; it is always there for you.

    Great blog, by the way! It's making me hungry for lobster. (Sigh.) Here on the west coast it is so expensive!

  5. I hate that, too. And the whole "Get your waist back in line" crap that comes at this time of year and just before summer! Humph!

    I'm actually doing more yoga than ever because I don't walk or bike much at all with our cold weather. I'm totally chickening out with the snow we've been getting. So yoga it is! Loving YogaGlo!

  6. i've been horrible about it this second half of the year. then the kickstarters are all around me, with the place around my house, no joke, advertising '105 sun salutations' this new years eve. oy!

  7. another annoying thing right? I hate resolutions and I hate kick start anything as if life only happened the first month of a new year. We should all kickstart our life every day and that doesn't mean go out and sign up for the best bootcamps or shave your waistline. It's so simple. If we began with some presence everyday, maybe we wouldn't have mindfully eaten a dozen donuts that grew our wasitline that we now have to kickstart. Just saying...

  8. liveloveyoga- love it! it's definitely not mindfulness that causes your waist to grow. so, cheers to a year (and beyond!) of mindfulness.

  9. A hiatus from yoga (or anything, really) is not a bad thing IMHO, which is why I don't call it a "slump". No matter how much a creature of habit one is, and I am one, a break from routine can work wonders, often resulting in more energy for whatever it is you've had the break from. In fact, I recently went through about a month in which I only practiced yoga about 3 times. Although I knew that was a break in routine, I didn't stress about it because I knew I'd get back to my "regular" practice - and I did, I simply missed it and felt ready. This has happened with other routines, such as running, cooking and/or eating a "favorite" dish, listening to a type of music, etc. So,maybe view it is a "vacation", rather than a slump. The "kickstart" thing just sounds all wrong to me. It seems to suggest you have to conform to someone else's regimen rather than following your own path.

  10. I think it's a good idea if you can afford it, but if not do your own 30 day yoga challenge. I have committed to doing yoga every day for the month of January. Whether that is some sun salutations in the morning by myself, a class with a friend or friend yoga at your house :) I didn't decide to do it as a new year's resolution though. Just a fun way to bump up my yoga practice whether it's January 1st or September 1st.

    If you need someone to do yoga with or to drag you to a class or two then let me know! I'll be doing yoga anways ;)


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