Friday, December 31, 2010

Dancing in your Socks: The Best way to Celebrate the New Year

Happy New Years my fellow EcoYogi(ni)s! Here in Halifax the sunrise is a beautiful array of colours over the blue blue ocean... I wish I had remembered to bring my camera so I could share it with you. My absolute favourite part of this time of year though? Seeing the Moon set each morning (right now a small slice in the sky; a new moon coming up!).

New Years Eve, like many other secular (ish) holidays tend to be ridiculously wasteful. There are many ways to celebrate NYE though, without blowing a ton of money, plastic, energy and paper while still having a good time- maritimer style. I swear there are.

Here are a few ideas:

Gathering at home:
  • Having friends over is a surefire way to save money, instead of going out and controling the energy used for your fun.
  • Buy local wine and beer for the celebrations. Acadie Vineyards and Grand PrĂ© make excellent local bubbly (Acadie Vineyards actually has an organic cider! Yum Yum).
  • Use decorations you had during the Yulemas holidays. I just took all the sparkly bulbs donated for our Yulemas and hung them up around the apartment. Free and less to clean up afterwards!
  • Instead of confetti or prepackaged plastic-y sound makers, take wrapping paper or scraps, cut up in strips and attach together for a wavy-around thingy. I mean, at midnight after all that organic cider- will you *really* notice the difference?
  • Serve locally made foods and ask friends to potluck it! (although after all that baking there is no shame in serving chips. Seriously, no judgement here).
  • Dance in your pretty dress with socks on in your livingroom with friends. The more random the socks, the better.
Going out:
  • Choose a free activity and attend with friends (tonight there's a parade and fireworks. Not exactly eco-friendly, but free!).
  • Go out for supper at a sustainable restaurant in your city for yummy local food.
  • Go NYE skating in an outdoor rink (Halifax now has the 'Oval' on the commons- free and fun!)
Our plans? Andrew and I were gifted a supper at Jane's on the Commons (local yummy food served there!). Afterwards we're coming home, I'm donning my leopard print purple socks with my dress, drinking local organic cider and having friends over. We may even attempt a tipsy 'Scribblish' game!

Blessings and Here Here to a New Year!


  1. Your plans sound lovely, Lisa! Our ski plans fell through with warmer weather, so we'll be home celebrating quietly. Looking forward to 2011 . . . many blessing to you and Andrew in your first full year of marriage!

  2. Dance with vigor (in your socks), laugh with your whole heart, enter the new year refreshed and full of hope.

  3. You know what? Every year, I usually watch movies with family and/or friends, then turn on New Year's Rockin' Eve to watch the ball drop in Time's Square, and I get sad and nostalgic and go to bed weepy. LOL.

    This year, I had my dad and sister and her family over for dinner. We did the "second Xmas" for Dad, since we couldn't be with him on the day, had a lovely dinner while watching Xmas movies, then they left at 10. B and I went to bed and watched Will & Grace until midnight, then we kissed and went to sleep! LOL. It was awesome and I didn't get all nostalgic. Phew!

  4. Wish I could have went but I didn't get in until 8:30pm that night and decided to just lay low with some friends of mine. Hope you had a good party though :)


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