Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Yoga; The Reasons Why I Heart You

After my 'hate on' yesterday, I tried my first 'home yoga' practice after the 31 days of yoga challenge. I chose a Yogaglo level 2-3 class (which all tripods I politely ignored), and it was beautiful. So I asked Andrew if he'd film it with our crappy camera.

This is me loving Yoga:

Dear Yoga,
The reasons why I heart you...

- You make me feel strong
- I can finally focus on the most sacred 'me'
- You allow me to connect with my version of the Divine
- You provide the bridge connecting the anatomy of my Breath to my Soul
- I build on my self-awareness and spirit through each physical practice
- You've taught me patience and loving kindness with my body
- No matter how I start, I finish with more peace
- You've taught me strong is beautiful
- I am learning Love

I am learning Light.

('dear yoga' inspired by Svasti's recent ode to yoga post... and how she visually represented it- thank you!)

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  1. Hey, nice one! And what a cool addition to the "yoga is..." posts :)

  2. I was thinking to myself..WHY is that voice familiar? And then I realized! Kathryn Budig! :) I've done a few of her yoga sequence classes from the yoga journal podcast series, as well. I can't wait to drop in on a few yoga classes in SF once I move out to california. I'll be an hour away by train, but I'll def be sure to make it out whenever I can!

    P.S. "I'm kinda glad I'm the one with the camera" lol - when I did one of these yoga sequences in our living room, my housemate commented when I was done, "I never knew what that [yoga] really looked like before!"

  3. You know, every time I think of yoga, I think of the good it would do me. Then I think of how lovely it would be to do it. Then I think of how there's no way, realistically, I have ever been organised enough or had enough time to myself to do a regular practice.

    Is it just me? Am I making excuses? Or are there really people in the world that are too busy for yoga?


  4. Ecoyogini, I wish you would blog about just how you connect with the divine, or your sacred self, or feel anything spiritual, in yoga. I've been practicing for a few years, and while I find it quite relaxing and it takes my mind away from everything else for about an hour, Ijust don't get some of these other aspects at all. I never sought it in yoga (I have a separate religious practice) but am always intrigued when others say they find it. (By the way, I do love Savasana - it may be one of my favorite poses. But I most assuredly don't do any praying).

  5. i can feel your love coming through the video!

    those are all great reasons for loving yoga, and they're very similar to my own. fun exercise, thanks for sharing!

  6. oops think my last comment didn;t work properly!
    I wanted to say, you summarize it perfectly! I totally feel the same :)

  7. beautiful & inspiring!! thank you!

  8. ah i love this post, love the video too! hugs!!

  9. "No matter where I start, I always finish with peace." Yes! I heart yoga too, and I love the little video of you. Nice touch!


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