Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interview on Conscious Shopper!

Check my interview over at The Conscious Shopper! Erin asked some pretty interesting questions from my Overshares to why I'm trying to mesh Yoga-Environment-Feminism all in one :)

While you're there, check out her great space. Erin has a ton of info and practical, doable suggestions on going green without spending a zillion dollars!

Many Thanks Erin!


  1. Great interview Lisa! I love Erin's blog as well.

  2. I'm glad I found you at Erin's blog Lisa! I'm a yoga lover myself and I totally agree with you and Erin about yoga practice and philosophy being closely tied to living green. :)
    I'm a marketer for a newly launched eco-clothing line and more than selling clothes, we also try to help women live greener,healthier and happier lives through our blog. :) It's always great to connect with women who share the same passion we have for green living. Nice to meet you!


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