Monday, March 22, 2010

Trying something that scares me...

This is a special week, I'm on road trip mode! Currently I write to you in the (freezing) hotel room in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. As I'm down for a few days for work (consulting for the Acadian Francophone population) I get to stay in a hotel. Something weird, I am very much enjoying having a TV... it's been so long (almost 2 years...shh, don't tell Andrew that I enjoy it!).

Windmills off of Pubnico NS
Although not as exciting as going to a brand new place since I grew up about 30 minutes away, I am enjoying the adventure. Being familiar also allowed me to find some local yoga classes... and I decided to give Beloved Yoga a try!

Located in a local boat house, I knew it would be a bit nerve wracking. The Yoga community here is TINY, with three teachers and the students all know each other. After three hours of driving and a stressful morning, I was looking forward to yoga.

The room was beautiful, with original wood floors overlooking Lake Milo. The instructor was lovely, so open and honest. She introduced her class as being far from 'competitive' and I was nervous. I don't do well with slower classes, slowing my 'monkey mind' is difficult. Also, the yogis in this smaller community tend to prefer the more superficial, asana, lulu, aspect of yoga. *edit: let me be more specific... the yogis in this community traditionally have preferred... maybe some of you might remember my 'beer and yoga' post from a while back? * So although I cannot speak to small yoga communities in general, I can speak to this one and historically how it's been. Think driving three hours JUST so they can get to the lululemon and have 'the' clothes.

It was amazing. We practiced some slow, focused poses that I have been disregarding for a complete sun sal. Pranayam, neck and shoulders, chakras... and she introduced Tai Chi. 

I have never practiced Tai Chi, but I know Teresa from Ponderings practices regularly and I also know it resembles Kung Fu (I have friends who practice). Heather, the instructor, looked so graceful and intense. She led us through the 'earth sequence' which she informed us is grounding. 

I stumbled through, but felt amazed that I could actual feel the energy between my hands. Perhaps it's my practice while  connecting with the Goddess, and visualization of energy and cleansing, but it wasn't as foreign as I thought it might be. The best part? All the other ladies didn't seem that weirded out.

I am so glad that I decided to give such a beautiful practice a try (unknowingly). Tomorrow, I'll give yogaglo a try in the hotel room. I look forward to really putting 'yoga on the go' to the cold, cramped hotel test.

Have you tried something new and scary lately?

(also, check out my interview on Life Breathing, and check out her beautiful space as well! It's filled with wonderful, insightful posts- Thanks Em for the opportunity!)

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  1. you know, i haven't really tried anything new and scary recently. that in itself it a good reminder...

  2. Well, apart from posting my first Elephant Journal article, I won't leave a link...not gonna be quite that shameless...anyway, sounds like a cool road yoga experience...lemme know if you decide to take a really major international type road trip and end up in Philly...

  3. "Also, the yogis in these smaller communities tend to prefer the more superficial, asana, lulu, aspect of yoga"- ouch :-( Most of my yoga folks don't know the first thing about all that lulu stuff - that's what I love about it here.

    If anything, I find small places can harbour tiny pockets of slightly eccentric but beautifully authentic practitioners. Glad you had a chance to experience some of that.

  4. that sounds really exciting, not to mention beautiful :) saw your interview on emily's blog - congrats!! hope you have a wonderful week. hugs!!

  5. Dr. Jay: OUuuu! Can't wait to check it out :) Congrats!!

    Emma: I hadn't either... funny how we get in our routine.

    dragonfly: thank you for the reminder- I modified the post so it reflected more specifically MY home community as opposed to communities in general. :) It was 'ouch' for a reason...
    I'm glad yours isn't quite the same.

    Melita: thanks! Oh I didn't know she would post so quickly! I'll have to link her in this post as well :)

  6. My whole life is new and scary right now. But that's OK :D

  7. Brave one!
    I really enjoyed reading this.
    For me...lately committing to Ashtanga has been scary. I've been away from it consistantly for over a year. So diving back in shows me my short comings and also makes me accept all of it. Plus the fact that I am almost done with my training..that has been scary. To think it is coming to an end...and yet a new beginning!

  8. I'm so glad your tai chi experience was positive. I haven't heard of that "earth sequence" before but there are lots of different variations of tai chi. If you are ever out to Alberta, you can come to my tai chi class with me! I'm curious - how was your 'monkey mind' while doing the tai chi?

  9. My grandmother used to do Tai Chi every morning. I remember watching her when I was a little girl and thinking how cool and graceful it was.

    My life is not really in a new and scary phase... But the other night I did an assessment for something that I was unprepared for, and I really screwed it up! I was blown away by how emotionally I reacted to that perception of failure (and btw, I still passed, but with a C kind of score, so I felt like I failed!). I guess I am too used to living in my comfort zone - sometimes that happens in a small town. I worry that it will happen with Yoga as well - I'm used to being one of only a few Yoga teachers in my town. It's so important to remember that I am still a student and I don't have all the answers! That is kind of scary in itself. :)

  10. Sounds like a wonderful experience! Glad you got to get away for a bit, even if it was for work. :)


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