Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sharing some Link Love; Posts that Moved Me

So I am back in the city and settled in. On the three hour drive up, among other things (like upcoming posts!) I was thinking about some fantastic blog posts I've been reading lately. I thought maybe I would share a few with you, wonderful EcoYogi-nis. I love being referred to other sites I wouldn't have normally found, and I hope you find these posts as interesting as I have!

Warrior for an Expansive Heart, and Nonverbal Language of Yoga by Brooks at Yogic Muse.
We all know and hear the familiar descriptions of postures and eventually even the more esoteric fluffy stuff becomes familiar ('open your heart to the sky'). 
But these posts. Wow. I have never heard such an eloquent, moving and fiercely grounded description of a thought process while practicing. It spoke to me, it resonated with some non-formed, non-articulated thoughts that float through while I practice. Seriously two of my favourite yoga posts of all time.

Chakras & Glands: A Neural Network, by Michelle from The Devil Wears Prana
In my yoga, I've had some exposure to chakras, and have practiced one 'chakra yoga' class... but wasn't quite sure on specifics or whether my scientific brain could accept them. Michelle wrote such a simple, yet precise post on the connections between chakras and glands. For myself, it illustrated an alternative discourse on how to view our bodies. Meditating on your Pineal gland might not be helpful, but visualizing a spinning orb of energy between your eyes is easier.

Tough Stuff by BrendaP from Grounding Thru The Sit Bones
This is the post that resparked my interest in 'Feminism and Yoga'... which will result in another blog post in the next few weeks. Her observations as to why there isn't any 'normal' role models in the yoga-sphere for women suddenly made me realize the social structure that holds western yoga in place. 

Sutras While the Sun Sets (El Yogi Cynico en Costa Rica Parte Dos) by Dr. Jay from Yoga for Cynics (longest title ever lol)
Dr. Jay's accounts of his stay in Costa Rica were moving, hilarious and, well, pretty deep. This one was my favourite though. I love his 'yoga sutras' and how as well as poking fun at 'yoba' (as Bob would say), they also have some relevance (mostly). This post is more like something that would happen to me, getting lost, getting frustrated... and having it all resolved in the end.

I do not want to live on Little House on the Prairie by Vegan Burnout
VB always makes me laugh... and think at the same time. She writes the most thought provoking posts, tongue in cheek. Her thoughts here on the recent NY Times article 'Femnivore's Dilemma' perfectly articulated my general malaise with the entire subject. I KNEW there was a reason why I was uncomfortable with the term! Regardless of our choices, knowing the political and social currents that unconsciously guide our lives is essential.

How to Recycle Everything by Erin at The Conscious Shopper
Holy Poop, Erin really has listed a zillion ideas on how to recycle random items that usually stump so many of us. A fantastic resource for traditionally 'non recyclable' stuff! From drink pouches to non-cork wine stoppers... she has an answer. For those of us on our journey to reduction, this is an awesome resource.

Yoga Demystified, by Bob Weisenberg. 
I love that his e-book is downloadable, free and accessible to non-philosophical minded yogis. The joy that he has found through yoga is palpable in his writing, his chapters and his allegories. He really chips away to the root of what Yoga can bring, beyond the asana and physical. I also adored his post about his father practicing yoga at 87. It made me tear up. Thank you Bob for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

urdhva dhanurasana by Babs at Babs Babblings
I am currently working on wheel... along with so many other postures. Basically, I've given up on ever achieving many poses, my body just doesn't work that way. This post was inspiring. I loved reading about her journey, and how so many other postures will help strengthen and prepare us for those which may be interconnected. Although I have accepted (or am working on this) the fact that I do not have a gumby body, reading her journey to wheel gave me a seed of hope.

There are so many other posts that I loved, I wish I had more space here! Know that I love all the blogs I visit, our blog-munity is just so supportive. I love it :)

Many Blessings!

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  1. Hmmm...some of those look familiar, will have to check out the rest...

    As for mine, which you were far too kind to mention, I'm glad you, and others, appreciated it more than the people when I first told it...who seemed to think I was just really excited to have met a girl in a bikini (which would make me rather pathetically desperate, wouldn't it?), as opposed to a highly improbable rescue from having to walk miles on a gravel road barefoot...

  2. Thanks ever so. Plus, I'd been looking for that "Femivore" article and now I have the link AND a hilarious critique that fits right in with my own. Keep uniting those worlds, sis!

  3. Thanks, eco. Your appreciative words mean a lot to me, especially since I admire you and your writing so much.

    I'm honored to be in this company. And there are several of these blogs that I had not read before, but I'll be following them now.

    Bob Weisenberg

  4. Oh, I love links! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I'm so honored to be included in your link roundup! Thanks for showing me more of the yoga multiverse as I strengthen my own practice. Namaste! :)

  6. Hi and thank's for sharing. There is so much interesting going on in this blogosphere =) Lovely.

  7. Thank you for these! I have read some of them, but it's always so nice to know more places to go!

  8. Wow! These are some great posts! Thanks Eco Yogini! I discovered some great reads here! Loved the Vegan Burnout post! And that Conscious Shopper list seems helpful! And some of my other faves and friends on here: thanks!

  9. Thank you for including me. I'm honored! And so excited to read everyone's posts!!

  10. Here's my link:

    Thanks again! It feels so good to receive your blogger love!

  11. oh my goodness! I put the wrong link!! oops!! so sorry Michelle.

    It's fixed now. :)

    you are all so welcome, I enjoyed all your posts so much. I could have kept going with others, I should do this regularly :)

  12. Ha, I'll have to check out some of the enviro ones this weekend! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Thank you for this post - what a treat!


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