Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stepping back

I have this weird trend where I post every second or third day. This is the type A in me popping up for a visit (HI HI!!!). It keeps me motivated, I get little butterflies after I hit "post" and for the next few days I get excited with every single comment I receive. Weird?? Yes. I like Mel's "Blogging without Obligation"... but I also know that I need this routine to stay on track. However, there are times when I have a zillion ideas swimming around in my cerebral cortex, but the energy of a little puddle. Today is one of those days; five clients, two phone consultations, charting, home programming, no time to breathe and headache. My last client left late and I missed the yoga class I wanted to attend (108 Yoga!).

Tonight I could have blogged about how I received an email back from JustUs! Coffee about their "compostable" (but not accepted by HRM's Organics system) cups.... but since that would involve some research and more thought than this liquidy puddle of a vibe I got going, I am going to take a step back from obligation.

I am going to unplug and reconnect with myself. There's been a lot of passionate talk in the yoga-blog world about consumerism, culture, and branding of yoga. It's been a powerful and interesting discussion, but it's made me want to take a step away from this computer. I miss my guitar. So tonight, I will play my favourite songs, belt out the lyrics while sitting on the floor in front of the couch. My papers spread all around, the window opened up and my voice and the guitar drowning out all other sounds and thoughts.

I will leave you with two I love to sing and play: Francis Cabrel's La Corrida (about the Bull fighting from the Bull's perspective... beautiful), and zombie.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend my Canadian Eco-Yogi/nis!


  1. Gonna post any videos of yourself belting out those songs?

    I was forcing myself to post every other day or so for a while, meanwhile obsessing with stats until my posts started to suck...which doesn't exactly bring in more readers...definitely better to be easy on yourself...

    Word verification is "dubrow"...I thinkt that was the last name of somebody in one of those hair metal bands back in the 80's...

  2. Yay! Follow your gut. We'll be here when you return.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  3. I have a post I've been dying to get out but it involves research and quoting and all manner of not-for-lazy-lumps-like-me it languishes in draft-mode....:(

    Your posts are WAY labour-intensive....all that research?!? You DESERVE a rest, dahling...sing your heart out....

    Happiest of fellow Canadian...


  4. Enjoy! You deserve a break. Especially if it involves playing your guitar! All this intense talk in the bloga-phere has exhausted me too...

  5. Have a good rest over the weekend and happy thanksgiving weekend.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you do something wonderful to celebrate. Down here it is Columbus Day weekend...I appreciate having Monday off, but it's sort of a downer considering what the arrival of Europeans meant for the people who were already here.

  7. So true! Comments are fun, so here you go:) have a great weekend!!

  8. It's good to find the balance with posting, something I work on as well. There are days I don't turn my computer on, & days I browse around blogs I've 'missed' cause I haven't visited in awhile.

    For me, it's harping or my Native American flute - sweet music indeed!

  9. I know this feeling. I specifically needed a break from blogging about yoga. i need a break from yoga in general:)


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