Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Bloggy Banner Search!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Columbus Day for the American Eco-Yogi/nis!). A nice break and I am ready to research! Thanks to those that posted such supportive and kind comments, it was greatly appreciated and helpful.
Andrew and I spent our Thanksgiving in Saint John New Brunswick! Here are some pictures of our wanderings in the park- we were looking for a nice Autumn Bloggy Banner, but didn't really come up with anything I feel fantastic about as of yet. What do you think, favourites or keep looking? :)

Blessings! (ps- Greenspell, I watched the Trailer for Eastwick and I am SO watching the pilot episode. I agree with you, I was not a fan of the movie but am PUMPED for this!).

Tree on a rock (wow, I look SERIOUS, I was trying not to fall over!)

Leafy covered pathway (it had been windy)

Beautiful colours

The lotus dealy that I can do- my toes were COLD

Thank goodness the tree was there to support me- the stump was slimy... ack.

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  1. I like the one of you doing the lotus position on the stump!

    Awww I miss New Brunswick. Matt's parents used to live in Quispamsis, so we were there every holiday. It's so beautiful.

    I hope you guys had a great long weekend and ate lots of delicious food!

    p.s. Sorry if this double-posted - I'm not sure if it worked the first time.

  2. Nice Blog. I m following one of such similar kind of blog like yours for Yoga, I hope you will like it.

  3. Aww, such lovely pictures! I wish my other half would come to the woods with me, let alone do yoga!


  4. Annabellie: hehe me too! :)
    Really?? I asked Andrew if he knew Matt... he said he wasn't sure. I guess KV was a big high school (compared to mine anyways)- perhaps they went to school together?

    Raspberry: Thank you :)

    Pirate Grrl: thank you... I'm a little embarrassed about the coat- it's Lulu... :S I was going to post about it actually...

    Elizabeth: interesting blog and concept!

    Jen: awww- well it definitely was not his idea originally lol.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I especially love tree pose. But when the right banner pic comes along, you'll know it.

    Glad you are liking Eastwick! I think the next one will be up tomorrow. There's a murder mystery set-up going (pre-murder, that is) that seems very interesting. Can't wait to see where they go with this!

    I'm jealous of your autumn. We got snow again today and no sun. It feels like January, and I'm already fighting off the dark-sky-induced depression! It's supposed to be sunny and fun in October. Blech!

  6. Beautiful Fall colors... Thanks for sharing them with a fall challenged deep Southerner! I also wanted to say Congrats on finding that awesome wedding

    oh yea, how the hell do you change your banner? I am really confused

    I liked Eastwick too

  7. His parents actually moved there after he finished high school, just before he started at Dal. That would have been hilarious if they'd known each other though!


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