Saturday, August 8, 2009

Soap Treasures and Lessons of Acceptance- Guerrilla Yoga Style

While we were home last weekend, I convinced my mom and Andrew to take a detour in "town" to stop at Sherrie's house (from Birch Bark Soap) to pick-up a soap order for my bloggy friend Alli. What a fantastic idea, not only did we get to see Sherrie's awesome soap cubby filled with yummy smelling hand made soaps, but she gave me... SOAP ENDS!!! Seriously, I almost peed my pants, free gourmet soap??? YOU BET.
(my treasures, Sherrie's round tea tree oil for my silly acne, peppermint poppyseed end, cherry almond, sugar cookie shampoo bar and a chocolate-mint that didn't turn out the way she wanted. It smells and feels DELICIOUS)

Included in the soap ends was a special order shampoo bar end from Alli's order. It smells like sugar cookies and I used it for the first time today. Using a bar to wash my hair was a little strange, I won't lie, but my hair feels great today! If this works out I'll be emailing her to see about another order. Also, when Alli came over to pick up her goodies, she let me snoop through her order- Sherrie had included a wedge of chocolate soap. She makes them in a cake mold and it actually looks and smells like chocolate cake... YUM. Check our her awesome flicker soap set! (cake picture taken from there) She makes the most beautiful soap...

On another note, we have some news for our casual Guerrilla Yoga in the Park! An instructor heard about it and offered to lead a few classes. Fantastic news! She wasn't available this weekend, but she will be sending this off to her yoga instructor friends- YAY! However,
she wasn't sure what weekend she'd be able to teach and couldn't guarantee her friends. This was why I didn't wait for a yoga instructor to organize and commit to Yoga in the Park before starting my own facebook group. Although having a teacher would be ideal, I adore practicing yoga outside and will be going regardless. Sharing this experience with friends just makes it fun! (walking up Point Pleasant Park this morning)

Four of us gathered in the park today and it was an experience in patience and tolerance. It was a beautiful day and the park was BUSY. Andrew and I settled on a picnic bench, waiting for the other yogi's to arrive when a GAGGLE of eight-ish year old boys, balloons, parents, a radio and a BBQ show up. Oh dear- zen surrounded by screaming boys wasn't quite my idea of fun. So we moved up to the top of the "Keep Off!!" Fort. Which they promptly scrambled up on and we had to shoo them off. I did a good "mom" voice which I was quite proud of, and they accepted our "we can stay up here because we don't have parents to be mad at us" explanation. (a weird flower, I thought it was a "burr", but Andrew informed me it was a thistle...)

Most of our yoga was spent studiously ignoring the shouting boys, the constructions sounds from the pier and the HUGE cargo ships being unloaded.Poor Andrew has a really hard time with blocking out distractions (which was why he never wanted to study or read at a coffee shop, while I on the other hand LOVE reading in public).

It was a different, real yoga lesson in acceptance, patience and love. And we were not kicked off the "Keep Off!!" Fort! Guerrilla Yoga=Success!
(view from our perch on the Fort, you can see the loading dock beyond the cannons and fort-stuff)

Now we may be off to witness Outside Movie and Beer Fest! I heart Halifax.


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  1. that soap sounds divine! reminds me i'm running low and need to place a new order for my fav handmade soap. i've never tried shampoo bar before but i'd be willing to try.

  2. Hmmm...I'm supposed to be going to a yoga class in a giant treehouse at an arboretum tomorrow morning...hopefully too early for boisterous kids to be out...

    As for the chocolate cake soap...I dunno...seems like it'd make me all the more foulmouthed, since I'd WANT to get my mouth washed out with soap...

  3. Oh soap like that is such a tease to a chocolate lover like me! I have to check out her shop at some point when I'm in the city.

    I gave you a blog award. Come and get it if you want it!

  4. Thanks for all the sweet words, and enjoy! It was so nice to meet you, too. :)


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