Sunday, August 9, 2009

MeMe Award and Music!

The wonderful Grace over at Graceful Yoga and Simplicity (don't you ADORE her new blog title???) gave me this fun MeMe award. She shared some fun tidbits about herself over at her blog- go check it out! I think kayaking on the west coast next to Killer Whales would be awesome, and I agree that I would also probably pee my pants lol.

I think it's funny that it's called a MeMe award. About a month ago I finally caved and asked Andrew what the heck was this thing called a Meme? Being Francophone I assumed it meant "the same".... um no. Andrew being the patient guy that he is, looked up the official definition of MeMe on Wikipedia and as the nerds that we are we spent a bit of time laughing at previous Meme's of the past. Actually, I'm still not 100% sure what a MeMe is exactly, sadly I am not "hip" in the computer-bloggy lingo.

In any case, this award entitles me to share 7 tidbits about myself with you, my lovely eco-warriors! Although 7 tidbits would be fun, being the "rebel" that I try to be I thought I'd give you one HUGE tidbit. A song. I wrote this one while living in Montreal, the first winter while staring at my computer background that had those yellow tulips. I had been going through a rough patch with my then-boyfriend who was living in Fredericton NB (longdistance was the story of my life for about four years...).

Last night, after watching "Dead Poet's Society" on the outside screen at the Halifax Pier (while the moon rose over the harbour) and having drunk WAY too much red wine, I got Andrew to record me singing. I made myself listen to a few this morning... before grimacing and deleting them all. I thought I sounded WAY better than I did lol. So- I gathered up random bits of courage (I've never exposed my music this way before!) and got him to try again. The lighting is pretty terrible, but actually it makes me feel less exposed... so I'm all for not being able to actually see myself very well!

Now to pass along this award to 7 fun bloggers!

1. Dr. Jay over at Yoga for Cynics: for your awesome posts that confuse me and make me think at the same time. Also, I feel smart after reading them and understanding about 80% some days! And the comments that you leave on my blog ALWAYS make me laugh :)

2. Roseanne from It's all yoga baby: I've been enjoying reading your thoughtful and thought provoking posts on yoga and the industry. You always post something fresh and new! Plus you are from Montreal- how I miss that city.

3. Sharper from Rootless Tree: for your honesty and candor in sharing your yoga-newness journey.

4. Caroline from Caroline's Crayons: I adore your art! It is always moving, honest and beautiful.

5. Mandy from Yoga Addicted: cuz you practiced yoga on ROLLERSKATES! So cool.

6. Flo from Southern Yogi: for your bravery and passion in standing up with integrity and grace when a serious "troll" commenter left that negative comment on your beautiful blog. I admire you.

7. To all my readers, really I don't like choosing only a few blogs out of all those that I read. There are such wonderful things about all of them! I give this award to all of you :)



  1. 80%??????!!!!!!!

    I rarely understand more than, say, 30-40% of what I write...which is generally an attempt to make sense of what I think...which I understand practically none of...

    Anyway, your singing sounds great...kinda reminds me of Jonatha Brook...I think....if not her, somebody else good...anyway, the song's great, too. Hope you'll post more, and maybe even let us see ya...but no pressure....

    Thanks for the award!

  2. omg, yay!! thanks so much for shout-out! i've learned so much from your life and your blog, and i'm so happy to hear that you appreciate mine too! i'm inspired by you being brave enough to share your beautiful song and singing voice with all of us.

    also, lol the meme/MeMe=same confusion. language! it does that. i'm so sad that you've already "tagged" dr jay, b/c he is definitely on my list of award-worthy bloggers. are we allowed to tag people twice?

    anyway, keep on rocking the blogosphere with your insight, personality, and passions for the environment & yoga!

  3. You have much, much talent. Thank you very much for sharing!

  4. Dr. Jay: lol, i think the key word is "when" i understand 80% I feel smart lol. OR perhaps I THINK I understand, but really I don't- in which case I only THINK I'm pretty smart haha.

    I don't know Jonatha Brook- but thank you very much :) And you are so feeling the blog love tonight!!

    Roseanne: you are so very welcome!! :)I'm pretty sure you can also tag Dr. Jay- he's good like that lol. I was never quite good at the rules for these things. Thank you for your kind words, I think I had mini-nightmares all night about putting that silly video up!!

    Rose: thank you :)

  5. I loved your music. Great job!

  6. So lovely, so brave. Thank you :)

  7. Thanks for dropping by Eco Yogini. Most of my visitors are from outside Nova Scotia. It's so nice to get a comment from a local :)

    There's an excellent definition of 'meme' at
    that I'm sure you'll find helpful.

  8. That was awesome! I didn't want it to end! I agree with Dr.J...encore...encore...!

    Thanks for the award, now I have to go think up some interesting tidbits, nothing will compete with you hubby says I'm tone deaf and musically challenged.

  9. I like your song and your voice. You don't need red wine to sound good.
    Namaste ~ Sara

  10. Great singing! Perhaps you'll share more someday?

  11. I am so, so excited that you posted not just a song, but the video of you singing! How brave! And let me tell you, you sound like a seasoned folk singer, for lack of a better term. Like Lisa Hannigan. If you cut an album, I'll be first in line to buy it! :)

    And as for the rest, I can't wait to check out those blogs. I read some of them, but there were some new ones that I want to check.

    Keep it up!!

  12. Awesome video Thanks for sharing love your blog.

  13. LOL. Your huge tidbit made me smile!
    Thank you for thinking I am brave. And to be admired makes my heart swell.

  14. You are so talented! What a beautiful are amazing and I am lucky to have you (and Andrew) as my friend(s)! HUGS!

  15. Wow!! You are kickin' some serious singing butt, chickie!!

    LOVED it!! Thank you soooooo much...that was WAY the best award-gifty-thingy....


  16. You lived in Vernon for 2 years?!? What were you doing there? I actually grew up halfway between Kamloops and Vernon, so I've spent a lot of time there over the years, and even worked at Silver Star for a couple of seasons.

    And yes, K-town is full of tumbleweeds. They just bounce around the streets, it's like living in some kind of Road Runner cartoon.


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