Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eco-Weddings are time consuming to plan!

Oh my, these past five days have been ridiculous! Warning: wedding eco-stuff to follow...
(the drive from Guysborough to Truro- furry hills!)

On Friday a venue was investigated in Chester Nova Scotia (beautiful!) and my dress was finalized and... I paid a downpayment. DONE. I can't say too much, but let's just say that no slave labour or shoddy factories in China will be had for this one! Woo!

Saturday, we ventured forth into the Halifax market for the first time in months. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I DETEST the farmer's market here. I know- how could I say that? Seriously though, the Halifax Farmer's market, although extremely picturesque in the old Alexander Keith's 1700's brewery building, is so crowded. I can only handle about 10 minutes before becoming so angry, jostled and panicky that we have to leave. In any case, we went super duper early that morning (8am) and it was only beginning to get crowded. So doable. I tried my first white turnip and it was YUMMY! Our reason for being there was to check out a local artists' jewelery.

Catherine Sutherland creates beautiful pieces out of recycled silver and broken glass from bus stops and they are gorgeous. She also dips local birch bark into silver! Stunning really. Unfortunately, she was slightly over our budget and what we wanted.

Sunday Andrew and I made the scary leap of driving further north in Nova Scotia than either of us had before... to Guysborough just a hop from the Cape Breton Causeway. The drive was beautiful, filled with miles and miles of untouched forests and rolling hills. Who knew that mainland Nova Scotia had hills?? We were checking out another possible venue which was also beautiful (but very isolated, so ultimately a no-go). A huge bonus: the Chef had his very own garden and he used mostly local and if possible organic produce and meat for the tasty tasty menu. Also, Andrew would like that I mention that he got to drive a golf cart for the very first time... lol.
(the sign indicating that instead of going left we had to indeed TURN RIGHT)

Today Andrew and I made a decision on our new venue: Oceanstone (ignore the creepy music on the intro hah). Yoga AND ceremony on the ocean (perfect!), a campfire already set up (YES!) and a Chef who also uses local and sustainable food. Hopefully my empty wine bottles/water recepticals will make it into the decor!
(the Chef's garden in Guysborough, filled with squash, mint, edible flowers and other such plants)

Finally, we met with Rita from Seaglass designs and designed our wedding bands! She's a sweet and kind lady who was very accomodating. We met her family and her dog and cat! I even got to sift through a ton of sea glass (really only a small portion of what
she had in her workspace!) and chose "mine" for my ring. A beautiful aqua mermaid's tear (sea glass) that was picked by her parents off the shores of Cape Breton. Sigh. So although the silver isn't recycled, it's hand made and the sea glass most definitely was "sustainably harvested" lol.
(Captain Golf Cart at your service!)

Update on the parental unit drama with the last name combination: after a week of daily "lecture" phone calls we kindly requested a pause for now, as the venue drama was enough stress. They have complied and Andrew had his first, non-awkward positive conversation with them today!


Article and photos authored by Eco Yogini at ecoyogini.blogspot.com


  1. So glad things are coming together, tho, as you say, whew - what a lot of work!!

    I play harp for weddings, & am intrigued at the variety :) LOVE the idea of a sea glass ring - I've always loved sea glass (why don't I see it as much now as when I was a kid??) & remember my 'no diamond for me!' stance (I had a jade ring that my grandfather in-law had done the setting for!)

    Oy, names!! My former in-laws were both scientists, & she hyphenated her name in the 40s, to avoid confusion!! Then when my x joined his mom in her field, many folks assumed the gal with the hyphenated name 'must be' his wife - as women 'just didn't hyphenate' way back when . . . oh yes they did!

    Best wishes with all the planning - I know it's going to be delightful, & best of all, you'll be happy together!

  2. lots of good stuff happening for you there. can't imagine what a sea glass ring looks like, but it sounds lovely!

  3. I can’t wait to see/hear how your green wedding all comes together. It sounds like it is off to a wonderful start!

  4. I love the venue. It is going to be a spectacular event!


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