Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Banner!!

The sun was out- QUICK QUICK!!! Get the camera!

I've been meaning to take summer blog banner pictures for the entire month of June... but if you check the weather history of Halifax NS (which as a fisherman's daughter, I do like the weather network lol) you'll see rain, fog, drizzle, thundershowers with a risk of cloud. For the past three weeks. UGH.

Although it has clouded over already as we speak, I came home from work at 5pm to find SUN. So I put on my "summer clothes" and began warming up in the apartment. I felt a little silly practicing downward dog in a skirt... but no one was around to see. :)

Andrew came home and off we went, walking (briskly) to find a fun, shady street. My plan: Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (or hand to big toe pose... well ok, my approximation). It was already starting to cloud over so, as soon as the coast was clear I ran out in the street, threw my purse to the ground, my flip flops to the side (oh Goddess, I hope there's no glass on the street!) and up up up. Five second grounding, CRAP THERE'S A CAR COMING! LOL. It was so much fun!

In the end, the picture we chose was a last minute, on our walk back picture. I saw a beautiful tree and, the silly person that I am yelled: "Take a picture of me under the tree- QUICK!" and posed. So not quite dancer's pose... but fun nonetheless.

We'll be trying to adjust the borders later, but right now it's off to get some GUINESS for pre-Canada Day celebrations!

Blessings and Happy Summer!

ps (for those of you reading this out there in "internet land" come visit EcoYogini: where the blogging magic happens!)


  1. Absolutely effing brilliant Dahling!! Love, Love, Love it....especially your super-cool skirt -- I"m all about the flowy skirts this summer....

    And I think we're having the same weather....


  2. Thanks ladies!! :)

    I also LOVE flowy skirts... hopefully the weather will clear for us and we'll be able to actually where them for a WHOLE DAY :)

  3. OMG, I LOVE your new banner! It is so bright and summery! You look like a yogini-ballerina. :) Perfection!

  4. P.S. The other pic of you in the street - wow. You don't look "unbendy" to me! ;) Seriously, though, that is a really beautiful pose - the picture captures so much. Grace, strength, brilliant colors... Awesome.

  5. Love the banner!

    Love to know how you get on with medicine Road... Not read that one yet!

  6. Thanks Yoga Witch! haha, I like to pretend to be a ballerina... lol

    thanks about the hand to be toe- it's the ONLY side I can do that on without my entire leg shaking... lol. it's funny how there are certain poses that I do ok with, but any sort of forward bend at all and I just stop at upright seated!

    I will definitely keep you posted on medicine road, so far it's awesome!

  7. I LOVE the new banner. LOVE it! :)

    And smarty -- the p.s. is a great idea. Let me know if the bad man notices it and takes it off or not. I might have to follow your example. :)

  8. Spontaneity and joy, motion and stillness - great picture!

  9. LOVE the banner!!!
    Reminds me of summer time and for some reason running through the sprinklers! :)


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