Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogiarism and Letting Go

This past end of week-weekend I've been avoiding posting. The reason; blogiarism...

It's ridiculous, I know. I mean, I've been putting my thoughts, ideas and personal experiences out on the big bad internet for months now, it's not like this blog is by-invite only. Even though I initially thought I'd keep it very impersonal, very private, that was soon thrown out the window. Mostly because I feel silly signing off or referring to myself as "EcoYogini" and it became a big pain in the bum to keep changing the language to French so I could type the "accent aigüe" for The Fiancé (since Andrew HATES it when I leave it on French... lol).

I was really getting into this whole "blogomunity" with my regular readers and familiar commenters. It's really been fantastic getting to know those awesome peeps who are reading my blog and producing some phenomenal articles themselves. I'm even starting to make some yoga-connections with updates on local studios and events (Thanks Grace for the heads-up re: Yogiji at Sail Loft!).

Then... gasp, Beth from Fake Plastic Fish (Phenomenal blog, want to reduce your plastic?? She's an inspiration!) left a comment about how she actually read my post... somewhere else. At Fresh Health Articles in fact. Not only are my entire posts there from the past two weeks, it's like the person just copy and pasted, pictures included... with a TINY miniscule little reference to this blog: "Go to source" at the very bottom. It was the weirdest feeling of invasion I have felt in a while. Going through it would seem that each article is put up automatically, so if you're reading this post right now and you don't see EcoYogini, myself practicing yoga in Warrior I in the banner, or my awesomely fantastic fav blogs on my blogroll... then you're reading what someone has reposted without my permission.

Maybe I'm being a little sensitive, like I said it's not like I believed at any point that this blog was private- and I don't want it to be! I love having all the lovely comments and the interesting info sent my way. It's also not like I think my ramblings are "literature" or highly valuable... I guess it just really really weirds me out. Christine over at Blisschick told me that you get used to it... and I hope so.

Coming back and posting again is my way of attempting to "let it go". That and I wanted to at least aknowledge those reading this on the Help2health site- I would love it if you came and visited me here, as a part of the beautiful, wonderful blogomunity at :)
(and Help2Health people: still haven't heard back from my email that I sent you...SKETCHY)

Much thanks to Grace and Christine for assuring me that it's alright to be weirded out... and that it's not that big of a deal... and Mel from Clutter To Shine for the lovely lovely blog award: reminding me that I love sharing about yoga and my ecoholic ramblings with others!


  1. Wow...that's uber creepy...then again, I suppose it's a bit flattering too -- if you want to reach (and I mean really stretch) for that silver lining....:)

    I suppose that's why people have that copyright blurb on their blogs -- I always thought that was a bit OTT, but apparently not!!

    And you're SO VERY WELCOME for the award - 'tis most deserved....please don't abandon us for some creepy cyber-stalker-stealer person....;)

    ~much love~

    PS I'm going to resist the urge to go over to that site to see your plagiarized blog posts (morbid curiousity, sorta like staring at a car wreck) only because I don't want them to benefit from this...tsk, tsk...shame on them!!!!

  2. VERY un-cool. It's called "scraping" or "scraper site." It happened to me a few weeks ago and made me quite angry. One of the things I read to help (which I think is a good idea) is to always include a link in your post to something else on your site.

    I also read this article which tells two ways to help 1) reporting through Google AdSense and 2) reporting to Google:

    I found that article from this list of other sites that you may find useful:

    Good luck with knocking these guys out!

  3. One more article from googlerankings blog that may help:

  4. Thanks for posting, Eco Yogini! I'm sorry to hear about this usage of your material. I understand how you are upset about this. It also is an obvious possibility when you put it out there... I suppose we learn as we go. Be well.

  5. Oh my goodness Julie- those articles are AWESOME. thank you so much! I will be checking into them and filing some small "karma complaints" tomorrow!

    Again- much thanks! :)

  6. Well, guess you should at least try to take it as a compliment...I doubt anybody bother trying to steal my posts...most people can't even figure out what I'm talking about...then, if they are...see no evil, etc...

  7. please keep us up to date on the process (and results) of virtually kicking these bums arse!! it's just a damn shame, it really is.

    best regards!

  8. Please, don't stop!!!
    So, what? Let those thieves, robbers, do what they wanto to do... But don't stop writing. If you do, they will get what they want. Someono who does this has no common sense, no compassion and, most of all, no inspiration... Keep inspiring!!!

  9. This sucks! Please don't leave us!

  10. Glad you are hanging in there. This "scraping" thing is really spooky and sad. I can't see how people would even enjoy reading stuff that's been scraped - when the blog itself is so alive and real!

  11. Well I guess you just have to look at it this way, once you put anything up on the Internet, it's not longer under your control. Even if you delete something, techinically it's still out there somewhere. Weird I know, but that's the nature of the internet.

    However, let me know if you have any success with them.

  12. I'm so sorry! I found myself on one of those sites recently and it freaked me out, too.

    Do keep us posted on your complaint process. I wish I had written down where I found my post so I could do the same.

    Good luck, and keep writing. We know where to find the "real" you! And we'll keep coming back! ;)

  13. Thanks so much for all the support everyone! It would seem that they haven't posted this article.... hah- guess someone out there is screening them! lol.

    I will keep everyone updated on the process, which will probably only involve me emailing and filing complaints and hopefully them stopping this "scraping" business.

  14. I guess it's creepy and flattering at the same time. But it's certainly pretty darn rude! I can understand why you'd be peeved.

    For the record, I don't think I've ever commented here before, but I really enjoy your blog. I found your posts on eco-mats particularly useful - they helped me choose which one to request for my birthday. So, thank you and please keep writing!

  15. WOW! I never even thought of that occurring. I agree that it is creepy. And thanks to Julie for bringing those articles to my attention.

    Hopefully, this post will make them stop stealing your work.

  16.'s very common, unfortunately, but it does suck! I don't know that there's anyway to totally stop it.

    But WE will keep coming here to your true blog and enjoying your posts.

  17. You're welcome :)

    All in the name of keeping my favorite/only report-on-demand blogger blogging (re: post on shower filters)...

  18. Boo to that. Very poor form. But, I'm very glad that you are still writing!

  19. ok- so i went looking... AND THEY POSTED THIS ARTICLE...

    the tags: yoga, biscuits, tea and food.


    so i'm thinking that they won't really take off the "ps" part...

  20. Obviously a real person is not putting the posts up or they never would have published this one!

    I did some digging for you (because this kind of thing has happened to me several times and I want to help stop it.)

    Turns out, the owner of the site is in Indonesia. But there is an email address listed if you want to try and contact this person and ask them to stop using your content. I found the following information here:

    Registry Whois
    Domain Name :
    Registrar : CO.CC, INC.
    Whois Server :
    Referral URL :
    Name Server : NS1.LUNARBREEZE.COM
    Name Server : NS2.LUNARBREEZE.COM

    Updated Date : 21-May-2009
    Creation Date : 21-May-2009
    Expiration Date : 21-May-2010


    Riza Rohman

    Madiun, Jawa Timur

    ecommerce blog
    Email :
    Phone : 62351451732
    Instant messenger : aryadewangga137 (Yahoo!)

    Updated Date : 15-Apr-2009
    Creation Date : 15-Apr-2009

    Good luck!

  21. Hi Beth,
    wow this is a new email address! (I especially like how there's a phone number too!).

    Just sent out an email! Wish me luck :)

  22. Have you been feeling like you are making progress in the plagiarism sphere? I am getting frustrated, as I keep finding that I am being used as a link on numerous business sites, without my permission, and sometimes with my blog name only discreetly displayed, or with a "ghost" URL, which leads them to my REAL URL. I'm starting to think I need to sign every post with "Copyright: A Green Spell," or something...


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