Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Link Love

Over the past few months I have felt blessed by the wonderful comments and support from fantastically awesome eco-warriors and blogrrls. I had no idea if anyone would enjoy reading my posts and was a little shy about this whole "blog" world. It's been so much fun and I have learned so much from everyone else!

As an avid blog cruiser I thought I'd send out a little list of fantastical blogs and posts I've been reading to share with you! (Andrew and I "linking up" in partner Warrior III during Global Mala)

Over at the Green Phone Booth (a place where regular women and mothers are transformed into Eco-Heroines), there's a wonderfully hilarious and titillating post regarding the recent proliferation of urban and suburban gardening. I believe that re-evaluating the way we use our urban space as foodies is a powerful idea that has huge environmental potential.

Interested in getting started with your very own urban garden? Check out One Green Generation. This blog has many fabulous posts on gardening (and eco) topics along with excellent how to's. Check out Melinda's "How to grow an Organic Garden" series and be inspired!

Fake Plastic Fish has taught me SO much about plastic. Beth is so passionate and has made tremendous gains regarding reducing her waste and reaching out to explain WHY this is so important. Her FAQ's section gives a quick synopsis of the how's and why's of what she's doing, but truly her blog is worth checking out! Because of Beth I am fighting my dependence on Ziploc.

Yoga Witch over at GreenSpell has been posting wonderful recipes for organic, natural skin and hair care along with fun insights on her experiences. Her posts are fresh, honest and a delightful read :)

Needing a fun, whimsical blog to read? Bohemian Mom's site is filled with daily musings from the trials and tribulations of a single, free-spirited mom.

Remember my comment about Cloth TP??? Well- The Organic Sister has written a few posts about her journey with the TP-paper challenged and they are informative and HILARIOUS. Seriously, if a little poo-talk doesn't disgust you I encourage you to check out her site (also filled with other wonderful pictures of her garden and eco-journey!). Although I'm definitely not ready to take that step- it does take the "OMG" out of the prospect and make it seem possible... (Andrew would KILL me lol).

Planning an eco-wedding like moi? I have been reading 2000 Dollar Wedding for fantastic DIY and innovative ideas and OffBeatBride for a little bit of a non-traditional jolt to help my resolve!

Blisschick... she is just so happy and insightful! Her posts always inspire and motivate myself to become more.... more me!

A shift in perspective is always interesting for me, and reading posts about other yoga instructors experiences is a nice reminder of how we see and judge others. Babs, over at BabsBabble has lovely posts with fun images and small snippets of her musings. The other day she spoke about how her misconceptions regarding one particular student were cleared... Kristin from Namaste From Duluth wrote about a similar themed experience a few weeks ago. This post was especially meaningful for myself, as cell phones irritate me to no end, but working with parents of children with special needs it was actually the first thing that I thought of while reading.

Ok, wow! I also encourage you to check out the blogs on my Blogroll, which I love to read very very much! I could probably go on about each and every one there... :)



  1. Well, first of all, thanks so much for the shout-out! That is so nice of you!

    I can't wait to check out these other blogs. I read some already (love The Organic Sister!). I have already found some great ones in your blogroll.

    And yours, is, honestly, one of my faves! I check it 4-5 times a week. The yoga information is stuff I haven't found anywhere yet, and is really inspiring and informative. (It's thanks to you that I finally ventured to keep my yoga mat cleaner!) And I'm excited to read your green wedding posts!!


  2. Ooh wait, you're planning an eco-wedding?? You have to keep us updated and post lots of pictures when the big day arrives!!

  3. Ah. Thanks so much for the shout out!! That is great!


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