Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Planet Picnic for Summer Solstice!

Happy Litha-Summer Solstice!
Today we're hanging out with the parental units (and parental unit in-laws for Andrew) so this is a quick post. I was wondering what to do for Litha and thought I'd pass along these few "earth" links. I especially like this idea of a Big Planet Picnic! I believe that these ancient, Earth-tied holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with our planet and re-new our commitment to a clean, healthy Earth. By celebrating tonight and tomorrow we continue a tradition of celebration by humans around the world that has been active for thousands of years. Check out Greenspell for excellent information on Litha-Summer Solstice :)
(Campfire fun last summer at my parent's cottage. Note Andrew's awesome batman shirt and excellent bunny ear picture pose...)

With a bonfire, smores, spider weiners and friends! Since we don't live close to a firepit (don't think the landlord people would like THAT much on our balcony!) I'm thinking roasting a few smores on our new tiny portable BBQ :) A celebratory set of Sun Salutations (perfect for a holiday that is strong with the energy of the Sun God) the following morning is the perfect finish.

On that note- check out other action-y type stuff coming up. This video posted by No Impact Man. Not quite sure exactly what it is, even after quickly checking out, or why they chose October 24th (day before my birthday!)... but whatever brings about change is good with me.

ps- the pea plants have sprouted FLOWERS!!!!! WOO!!

Whatever you chose to do, I hope you join me in a version of the Big Planet Picnic :)



  1. What a cool post! And thanks for the link!

    Have an awesome, wonderful Solstice Weekend!!!! You'll have to tell us how it went in a future post...

  2. A picnic sounds like great idea...though where I live, it'd be hard to find anything warm to burn...but, the fireflies are out, so I won't complain...much...

  3. Sweet Post! Awesome links! I think Spider dogs are my favorite! hehe

    Blessed Solstice to you and your family! :


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