Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our first "Food Box" Meal!

We received our first food box today- nicely brought right to our apartment door (someone must have let him in... creepy). Here is a picture of our first "food box" meal that we made and didn't hate!! YAY! Really, this is a major feat since we usually aren't adventurous cooks, spiral kraft dinner is TASTY. Alas, KD days are over and now we have begun our new journey into cooking with... kale.

This tasty lunch consisted of: free range eggs, organic kale, organic zucchini, organic oranges, butter, organic garlic, whole wheat bread, parmesan cheese and pepper. Honestly, it was kinda bland. But I ate the whole thing, so that counts as something!

The only disappointing aspect of this "food box" was that the majority of the foods weren't local, just organic. Lots of "Cal-farms" organics- which I know is a huge organic coorporation out in California, not that close to Nova Scotia at all. I'm assuming that in the summer we'll have more organic AND local produce. It feels weird to be ok with having oranges, since we usually avoid any fruits or vegetables that aren't from the Atlantic provinces (i.e. lemons, oranges, bananas, avocados) and have been trying to buy in season. We'll see how the next few months go. :)


  1. My boyfriend's roommates belong to a CSA, but they hate kale. 50 percent of the box is always kale. It taunts them. Glad to hear that you can do something with it!

  2. you can get the "dogma box" during the summer/fall - that one promises all/as much as possible local stuff. there is definitely more local stuff in the summer in the regular ones too though.

  3. Yes, hmm. I'm thinking what might happen will be cancelling our food box during the winter so we have more freedom to really choose more local and sustainable foods, and start up again in the summer and fall. :)


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