Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Heart Tap Water

Thanks to Theresa over at Pondering the Myriad of Things, I discovered that today is World Water Day. I think this is perfect timing as water and water rights seem to be gaining media attention lately. This week in Turkey the "World Water Forum" took place while hundreds of people protested. This organization claims to attempt to organize water privatization for municipal health when in reality any sort of water privatization is led by profit (as we saw in Bolivia).

In 2002 Canada was the ONLY country to vote against the United Nations resolutions on the human right to water stating: "Canada does not accept that there is a right to drinking water and sanitation" (

The Council of Canadians has a fantastic website with factsheets and resources on Canada's current situation with water. Tap water in Canada is tested on average 20 000 times a year, as opposed to bottled water that has vague and ambiguous  policies (if any) regarding water testing. Take the tap water pledge and support water as a human right! Of course, clean water also directly ties into what chemicals we wash down the drain when we use body soap, shampoo, dish soap etc; as many of these chemicals are not able to be treated by our water treatment facilities and are being found in lakes and rivers across the country (Ecoholic by Adria Vasil, 2007).

Reading is great, but I also LOVE film. So here are two trailors, Tapped and F.L.O.W. both docs on water and bottled water. They seem thought provoking and interesting, I'm looking forward to watching them!


  1. Thank you so much for posting about water and water issues! I really think it is the defining issue of our time, but yet is not recognized as such because of how much more important 'oil' and the 'economy' are considered to be.

  2. Great post! I too have been researching water issues lately, thanks for giving me a solid list of resources to check out. I hope you don't mind, I have linked to this article from my blog using this image.

    We have recently "gone back to" tap water. I can't say "I heart tap water," but I will say I can tolerate it if it is flavoured with imported organic lemons. There is just no winning this battle I suppose.

  3. Hi Natalie: I'm glad this was helpful!

    We use a Brita Filter (did I mention that in my post?? lol can't remember). And it eliminates the taste of yuck. Also- the preserve toothbrush company recycles brita filters!! So when I'm finished with the filter I'm going to mail it to them :)

  4. Oh that's good to know - thanks yet again! I complained about my yuck water to a friend so much that she managed to pick up a Brita for me at a used centre (it was brand new - I am SO glad whoever that was didn't just throw it out). I have been using it and I agree it's better, but still not my fave RO water.
    And my new complaint was about the waste of the used filters, so now I know I can recycle them. That is helpful! :-)


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