Sunday, March 1, 2009

Light Sunday Reading...

The Tar Sands- all Canadians "know" about them and maybe some Americans as well. They are our dirty secret, our ecological abomination on our path to economic and material "prosperity". The fact that an American company- National Geographic- has made more stir and controversy than any quashed Canadian media story demonstrates just how much power and control these oil companies wield over what Canadians hear about. 

While we are on the precipice of change, with so much hope in Americans and as a result Canadians minds, it is important to recognize Canada's place in the global ecological impact. Knowledge is power, and something as far-reaching, destructive and politically corrupted as the Tar Sands cannot be hidden forever. This isn't a political blog, but then I am a firm believer than a democratic government is meant to be held accountable by it's citizens. I can compost, recycle and buy organic produce all I want but I am realistic enough to recognize that significant changes come from political and corporations buy-in, something that can only happen when we hold them accountable.

Sigh, this is a "downer" post, but often I need to douse myself in a bit of reality to reaffirm why living an eco-life matters.


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