Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yogi/ni's Across Canada- Happy Canada Yoga Day!

Yes- it is Canada Yoga Day today. Happy Yoga Day all you fellow Canucks out there! Although I haven't spent my yoga day doing asanas, I have taken some time to reconnect with my beliefs and feelings of interconnectedness with our Earth and Her beauty. Living in the city, although fantastic as Halifax may be, can insiduously cause a sense of disconnect. Not only does our food, clothing and basic necessities come from 'away' but our physical homes are completely artificial.

Growing up in a tiny village on the ocean with summers spent at our cottage that my father built himself imbued a sense of dynamism with my environment. Although we didn't have a garden, I grew up seeing deer, ducks and rabbit skinned and ready to be eaten. There were no illusions where my chicken or beef came from. With our prepackaged society it's so easy to ignore any evidence of the role we play in our world and how everything we do to our environment has an immediate affect on our lives and health. As much as we like to try, we are a part of the Earth's ecology, not separate.

The word 'eco' comes from the Greek word 'home'. Today I honour Yoga Day by increasing my awareness of my home- Earth.

Namaste :)

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