Monday, February 9, 2009

Supporting Local: Love Me Boutique!

With our economy mirroring that of the US, I always feel better supporting local or Canadian artists. One of the first things I did before moving back to the Maritimes was to research some local boutiques to find out where I can get handmade soap, sustainable clothing or just pretty sparkly jewellery.

In Halifax that place is "LoveMe Boutique". 

A little red sign (which is currently broken due to the ridiculously high winds) points the way up a random off street in downtown Halifax. It actually took me a few tries to find the shop, and then figure out when it was open. When I did it was well worth the wait! Filled with funky finds (alliteration!!) from across the country and a TON of local Nova Scotian artists, the owner Chara is sweet and welcoming. She carries eco products ranging from chemical free handmade soaps, to reclaimed wooden earings. Beautiful woven scarfs and handmade sea glass jewellery grace her displays. She also carries Astrosatchels and Flat Bags which I am in LOVE with. Chara also frequently hosts many "handmade workshops" like how to make a sock monkey or how to felt. I love walking in and feeling like part of a funky, indie community that cares.

Although also eco-minded, I visit LoveMe Boutique WAY more often than P'lovers, which is a more mainstreamed company. After speaking with Chara for a few minutes you know that she carefully chooses which artist and what products she has in her store, as opposed to the silly, snobby girls who work at P'lovers (really I haven't had the greatest service there).

My fiancé has been extremely successful with gift giving from LoveMe and although I don't quite have the budget to spend spend, I feel good about buying gifts for family and friends that I know are unique, handmade and Canadian.

My next purchase that I'm waiting for: Handmade guitar straps for my beautiful guitar.

So search out your local boutiques, stores or Etsy (type in the name of your province/community) and support local and handmade products :) You're much more likely to find sustainable clothing (with companies that carry eco-fabrics like organic cotton), beautifully handcrafted jewellery, art or pottery!

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