Saturday, January 31, 2009

Skyler Clothing- An Alternative for the Eco Yogini

As mentioned here I am getting fairly tired of Lulu's whole "consciously formulated in Vancouver made in China" BS. As a feminist, ecoholic AND yogini I really would love a company that merges all three. Just yesterday while I was at Bhavana Yoga Boutique here in Halifax I found one!

Skyler Clothing; a Vancouver company, has beautiful yoga and fashion wear that is consciously formulated AND made in Vancouver (no oppressed workers or children making MY clothing thank you very much!). Krista, the sweet owner of Bhavana Boutique informed me during my visit (and purchase of a beautiful new Halfmoon Cork Block!! YAY- haha but I digress) that Skyler Clothing employs stay at home mom's to create these beautiful pieces of clothing! This is fantastically forward thinking- supporting and recognizing the value of motherhood and woman as an individual with other dreams, skills and worth. Beautiful. THIS is the kind of forward thinking that should be encouraged in our society right now, with high prices of childcare and both women and men struggling to make ends meet.

Bhavana Boutique (located on Quinpool directly above HeartWood Cafe) is currently carrying their cute cute hoodies and zip jackets along with a couple of other fun and yogic inspired tops. Unfortunately you can't order their products online- but they do have some info on how to find a retailer close to you!

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  1. Okay! Trying to post a second time. Got bumped before. Thanks for coming by, saying hi and leaving a comment. I love your earthy humor and honesty in your posts. I'll have to come back and catch up - I just spent waaayy to much time reading your recent ones. Thanks for the great info on cleaning your mat, btw. :) Good to know information!

    While I haven't heard about Om stimulating 3 of the chakras (or maybe I have and I've since forgotten), I have heard that the light pressure of the thumbs in namaste against the sternum combined with the vibration of the chant stimulates a particular gland (sorry, I'm blanking which one). It's all so facinating, isn't it?!


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