Monday, March 24, 2014

Seed Regime: A Naturopathic Update

Why hello there. It would appear March took a break from blogging! New home ownership combined with a hectic work and volunteer life has left little energy for this little ole blog. No worries, I'm back in time for the ├╝ber storm!

I thought I'd take a minute to share an update on the Naturopathic front.

RECAP: due to biological circumstance beyond my control (damn you problem uterus!! *shakes fist*), for about 7 years I was the reluctant champion of the DivaCup. As in, 50-60% of my life was spent on my moontime and the DivaCup saved me loads of money in "feminine products" as well as my sanity.
Two years ago I finally browbeat convinced my (then) GP to send me on some painful testing, specialist appointments, to reveal that I did not have cancer on my ovaries (score!) nor a testosterone secreting tumour (double score!).
And that's where western medicine ended and Naturopathic medicine began. If you want to read about that End (Google Diagnosing Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding) and my latest post on Lying to HealthCare fill yer boots :)

Basically, the end of the middle part of this story is that the Naturopath fixed my DUB for about 80% of my life. Which means that 8 out of 10 months of regular cycle and no spotting equals Happy Dance and Happy Lisa. Cuz let's be real, as awesome as DivaCups are, wearing them at 10-14 day stretches sucks.

Enter "Beginning of Uterus Journey Two". I've decided after a full year of debating, that I will begin sharing about this journey only over at the Booth for a variety of reasons;
a) So I can stop feeling so alone in this path
b) The Booth allows me a measure of privacy that this blog no longer does

Ok those are the big reasons.

JourneyDUB2 has brought many Naturopathic suggestions that have been difficult to follow consistently. I'm terrible at changing.

Except, I seem to be rocking the seed diet!

(second part of the cycle: ground pumpkin and flax seeds)
I'm honestly a bit skeptical, but the Naturopath has put me on a "Seed Regime"... yep, I grind up two tablespoons of different kinds of seeds each night to ingest. It's supposed to help even out hormone levels. Of some sort. I'm kinda fuzzy on the "whys" at the moment (yay for trust in my Naturopathic Doctor!). She recommended ingesting it in yogourt (ick), which is crazy. Instead, I've been making delicious smoothies.

They are ridiculously easy to make, taste amazing and assure I'm getting a good amount of fruit in my diet. I have no idea why I've never done this before. I have a little "seed smoothie" cupboard filled with the finally useful Magic Bullet (hah, I *know* you thought of the "other" bullet, am I right??), a table spoon and bulk organic seeds. My plan over the course of this summer: go to as many u-picks as possible and freeze a shit ton of fruit for smoothies.

In case your like my hubby Andrew and prefer recipes, here's the general gist of my smoothies:
- half a banana (organic is best!)
- half cup of frozen blueberries
- a tablespoon of yogourt
- half cup (ish) of juice of some sort (or water might work)
- sometimes I add a half a pear for extra deliciousness

Since frozen blueberries taste like candy, it's an instant, filling dessert that I have pre-meal. I can't wait to see the Naturopath's surprise when I actually show up to an appointment with successfully following through on one of her recommendations re: diet!


  1. i also discovered this year that i am bad at following diet regimes or medicine regimes that are not as easy as popping a pill. since i don't like having a smoothie everyday, here are some other suggestions for eating seeds, ground or not: in oatmeal, in homemade bread dough and in soups and stews. i also really like salads with sunflower seeds on top.

    1. I agree! Sometimes just eating them or sprinkling them is the simplest way to get seeds into your diet! Ch-ch-ch-chia! FTW!

  2. Wishing you lots of luck! I've heard a lot of positive things about seed cycling, so I'm glad it's helping you.


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