Friday, January 10, 2014

GPB: Why Do Starbucks Customers Drink Their Coffee "For Here" in "To-Go" Cups?

Taking a break from the "Halifax Yuletide" posts to share my Green Phone Booth post on Starbucks customers and the ridiculous phenomenon of drinking their coffee IN the café out of "to-go" mugs.

I have lots of thoughts, suggestions and reflections- go check it out and share your ideas, perspective!

Happy Weekend! (I am off painting our new house!)


  1. I like my china mugs way better, but funnily enough I was looking up the calories in my skinny mocha this morning and a 'take out' one had 5 more calories than the 'drink in' one. So maybe you get more if its in a take out cup? thats my only theory!

  2. Some of my sister's friend told me that it was only for a show off!


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