Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Gift Idea: Delicious Chocolate Coconut Bath & Body Oil

My obsession with baths (which isn't very green of me) has resulted in quite a bit of moolah spent at Lush. We all know of my love-hate relationship with Lush, no need to revisit that here.

As my bath melts weren't my favourite (nor time saving) Lush replacement, a few months ago I made some bath oil just from straight up sweet almond oil and essential oils. It was ok... but I thought I would pizzazz it up a bit...

The result? A delicious smelling, perfectly moisturizing bath oil that is easy and cheap to make! It's been test run (three baths so far!) with glowing results.

Bonus? It makes a lovely environmentally friendly Yulemas gift!

Divine Chocolate Coconut Bath and Body Oil
(Recipe fills a small, 125 ml, glass jar. For larger batches, double or triple)

Hardware: Double boiler (or large pot w some water and metal bowl)
                  Glass jar
(I saved tincture jars from my Naturopath since they have smaller openings and are tinted glass which keeps oil longer. That said, I'm fairly certain you could just use a jam jar)
                 Measuring cup w spout (for easy pouring)              
                 Optional: paint for the label

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (unrefined so you get the yummy coconut smell!)
                  1 tablespoon of cocoa butter
                  8 tablespoons of sweet almond oil (or another oil of your choice)
                  10-15 drops of the essential oils of your choice (mine: Rosemary & Peppermint-split)

1. Set up the double boiler, add the cocoa butter (melt in microwave so you can scrape out the tablespoon) and coconut oils. Allow to melt.
2. Add the sweet almond oil.
3. Pour mixture into the measuring cup (or bowl)- add essential oils to preference.
4. Mix together and pour into your jar.

That's it! I've found about 2 teaspoons per bath (under running water) is perfect. Be careful though! The tub gets slippery afterwards, so make sure you exit safely and clean out the tub.

I've also test run the oil as a body oil and it is lovely. Not too heavy, so perfect on these increasingly dry days as a mid day moisturizing up or a night body moisturizer.

Tie a ribbon, add a pretty label and VoilĂ ! You have a gorgeous, healthy and eco-friendly Yulemas gift!


  1. Lisa, what do you clean your tub with? I know that's a weird question, but I'm having trouble because the coconut oils are sticking to the side of the tub.

    1. That is a GREAT question. I usually have my go-to eco cleaner, I spray it on and leave it for the 2nd last thing I clean in the bathroom (before the toilet of course) so it can soak in. I also use for the oils, a little cooking pot scrubbie ( ). I've also used salt before, but I find it's just another thing to rinse out. The scrubby works pretty well.

      A cleaner that I REALLY like is Biovert- I find it isn't TOO expensive and it gets rid of bathtub oils pretty well.


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