Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yoga Week Halifax and Searching for Our First Forever Home!

October is my favourite month.... I love how the word "October" looks, in French ("octobre") especially. As I walked to and from my car for work today I was distracted by the bits of RED!! leaves shouting out from the green trees.

Where have I been? I knew life was going to get a bit crazy of the course of the past few months, I started another part time job (Autism SLP) and have had zillions of work-related meetings in the evenings. I just didn't quite realize that it would go by this quickly.

For example, this week I had a meeting for the board I'm on Monday night after work, a meeting with our realtor Tuesday night and supper with my parents tonight.

Yep... I said it. Our REALTOR. Because we are looking for our first forever home!!!!

So far it has been an interesting experience. I would LOVE to be able to build the eco home of my dreams (ahem, our dreams) but unfortunately due to the housing market crash and recession, it is impossibly difficult to get approved for a mortgage for a build as first time home buyers/builders.

So. We are constrained by our budget (and the ridiculously high downpayment we have to save), the reality of commuting into the city while balancing our need to not have neighbours.

Yep, we want to live rurally. TRĂˆS un-eco of us.

Unfortunately, if we wanted to live in the city we would only be able to afford a cookie cutter house in a cramped subdivision. Or a condo. Or a townhouse.

I've talked before how city living has gnawed away at my sense of peace and connection with nature. I feel run down and sick most days. One quick visit to the country and I am rejuvenated.

Thankfully, having grown up in a village, things like wells and septic systems don't scare me (in fact, they feel much more natural and less impact that our huge municipal, chemical based treatment systems that periodically dump straight into the harbour).

This weekend we are actually going to look at a few homes.... eek!!! I will take some photos of potentials to share here!

In the meantime for all you non-busy Haligonian yogis I have some fun news for you: The Coast is hosting YOGA WEEK! Between October 3rd-9th studios around the city are hosting classes for 5$ a pop! Wee! Check it out!



  1. I don't know if banks and mortgage companies still do this, but family friends of mine bought an older fixer upper as their first home. When they bought the house and applied for the mortgage they opted to make some eco-friendly and energy efficient upgrades to the house. Because they decided to do this, they got some rebates and had X amount of time to complete the renos. When the renos were done, their mortgage was reduced based on the amount of the rebates. They saved A LOT of money doing this. It's definitely something to look into if you haven't already.

    1. oh that is a good point! I'm not sure if Nova Scotia does this (unless your friends are in NS), typically they have HORRIBLE rebate laws for the environment. That said, we should definitely inquire- you never know! :) Thanks!


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