Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Giant Robots Fighting Climate Change

"Lisa, Pacific Rim has been used as an example of how we should rally together as a planet and fight climate change. You NEED to see this movie!!!"


Andrew is really quite clever when it comes to trying to convince me to see movies he wants to see. That said, he also realized that he married a superhero, comic book movie lovin', Sci-fi Fantasy lovin', Trekkie AND Star Wars fan who didn't really *need* the extra, made-up incentive to go.

Environmental film aside:
(Just this weekend I watched "Chasing Ice" on Netflix and was BLOWN away. It had been on my radar to watch for a year now... and I can't believe it took me that long to watch it. The images and cinematography were gorgeous and the in-your-face reality of what climate change means for our planet is staggering. Seriously. Go watch it.)

Now. I will admit that I am excited to finally see a movie that is planetary in scale as opposed to the typical American centric "The World Is Gone to Shit, but Only America is Taking Action" type movie. The "USA floating in space as their own microcosm of reality" was my number one complaint (after the fact that I HATED Katniss's whiny character) for the Hunger Games. (Seriously, the NUKED a section of the US and are killing children every year in an extremely public manner- where the eff is the rest of the planet???).

It's kinda neat to see a monster fighting, ass kicking, bigger than life movie where humans vanquish a big baddie on a global scale in a show of solidarity and cooperation.

Maybe Pacific Rim isn't really about fighting climate change, but perhaps sometimes I feel like the approach and strategy should be the same. Finally agreeing on a global scale, countries band together to make really big effing robots to smash the oil companies to smithereens... peacefully encourage oil and polluting companies to switch to environmentally friendly products, energy alternatives and business profiles. (ahem).

 We are going tonight.

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