Friday, May 3, 2013

Ten Things you NEED to Tell Yourself (a big EFF YOU to Dove)

The Yoga Culture is a tricky place to navigate when it comes to body image and self-acceptance. The very activity of yoga attracts naturally bendy, lithe, young and slim bodies and the multi-billion dollar clothing and accoutrement industry (like typical capitalistic patriarchal companies) rely heavily on bombarding consumers with a "yoga body type ideal" that is unrealistic (and arguably detrimental to women's sense of self worth and acceptance).

The recent Dove commercial "Real Beauty Sketches" have been making the rounds on facebook, with their fair share of criticisms (please read Little drops post on this, it's like she read my mind.... creepy). If you don't feel like reading the awesome post at Little drops, needless to say I find the video ridiculously patronizing and that it perpetuates the damaging social culture of external beauty above all else for self worth.

Ugh, can't we step out of the box for a second Dove? I wouldn't be so disappointed if so many people weren't attaching themselves to the video as if it were just so 'GOOD' of them. As if they weren't just continuing an external self-worth which conveniently allows them to sell their product (which will make our skin so beautiful). And do I have to point out that Dove is owned by Unilever... who also owns AXE- a company that produces THE most offensive patriarchal and sexist advertisements? (and has been criticized for their highly polluting and toxic products).

Women are often made to feel like we shouldn't go on about how awesome we are, it's often about what we give... about others (our children, our partners, our friends and family). As narcissistic as the next bit may seem, Eff it. We need this.

So. Here is MY "Real Love" challenge to you, readers. (it's a two part'er):
1. List TEN things you love about yourself that have nothing to do with your physical external self (in the comment section, or write a blog post and share it here)
2. Compliment 3 female friends on something INTRINSIC to their personality that you love.

Here are my top 10:
I love...
1. My Passionate Self.
She's the reason for my feminism, my commitment to the environment and my refusal to be discriminated against because of my genitals. She effing rocks.

2. My Opinionated Self.
All the haters can eff off, having a strong opinion makes me a strong, leadership-driven, person.

3. My Sensitive, Emotional Self.
Whatever, I love that I cry at ridiculously sappy commercials (or topics). It helps with my ability to be empathetic and it balances out my awesome Opinionated Self.

4. My Geek Self.
I adore science fiction (Dune, Star Trek, Star Wars- it is all awesome). That makes me ridiculously interesting.

5. My Voice.
For singing, for talking (with my soft Acadian French accent that's barely discernable).

6. My Silly Self.
Yes I may be 31 years old, but I think it's fantastic that I don't take myself that seriously, that I love to dance terribly in the kitchen, make silly faces or laugh at myself. I know I'm smart and successful, I don't have the urge to constantly remind others of that.

7. My Intelligent Self
Yep, I am a smart lady. I have finally grown into my smartness, and love that it is balanced by my silliness.

8. My Raunchy Foul Mouth
It's fun to swear. What else can I say?

9. My Acadian Self
I am so proud to come from such a rich and strong cultural heritage. Despite the haters, I ADORE my Acadian French, including the fact that I can codeswitch like nobody's business. That takes skill.

10. My Friends and Family. 
I know this seems external, but my friends, husband and family make me so incredibly happy and complete. My love for them is something I treasure. It's cool to actively LIKE (and LOVE) someone without shame, without reservation.

Ok, your turn!


  1. I love this! I've had a crap week, and this just made my day! Dropping eff in every so often usually piques my interest! :)

    1. yay! I'm glad this made your day!! You are Awesome, and I hope you write a blog post with 10 things you love about yourself!!! Cuz having a shitty week sucks.

      Yep, some days are just major "FUCK THIS" days :)

  2. I thought that video was pretty weird too. First I was like, of course the people describe themselves differently -- I think we value a little modesty. I mean, you don't have to be all down on your looks, but I would think it was a bit odd if someone said "I have gorgeous large brown eyes." Then the whole -- how you perceive your physical appearance is so important -- at the end. Not really the message I'm looking for. Honestly, my mom didn't have a whole lot to say about my looks growing up, except that maybe I could try to look a little less like a slob (it was the whole grunge thing -- looking back, I agree with her).

    Here are a couple of much more enlightening videos (*I* think) -- one even by Dove!

    1. haha- oh grunge!
      Yes! I do like the dove evolution video- why can't they do more like that?

  3. P.S. Just bought a DivaCup. Expect questions.


    I hope it's ok, I added a link to your post in my blog!

  5. BEAUTIFUL post, L!! Wow!!!!!! I'm going to journal my 10 things! :)

  6. Thanks for the read!

    But isn't your article solidifying the ego which is the antithesis of yoga?

    I'm just curious!

    Daniel @


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