Monday, March 4, 2013

The Best Eco-Cat Litter (A post for Cat People)

This isn't very glamorous of a topic, but it IS essential if you are a cat owner. I mean, isn't everyone a cat's human?

As has been discussed, our special cat, Atreyu, has quite the bathroom (and anxiety) issues. We have been incident free since last July (which is great, because the next step was anti-psychotic drugs... :S).

(grr, don't take my photo!)

Part of our pre-emptive strike against 'accidents' of the bowel kind and undue stress is to find the perfect cat litter. It's recommended that for his disorder (some psycho-somatic disorder in cats) that he have his OWN litter box and it be scooped several times a day....

Well... we live in a tiny 700sq ft apartment... so he gets to share in his extra large catIT box.

(Atreyu and Asteya's litter box... right next to Andrew's desk. Also, Andrew was wondering why I was taking photos of the litter box...)

As you can see by where the litter box is placed (also because of his accidents, we couldn't keep it hidden away or he'd forget where it was. No really.) it is extremely important that we have litter that actually absorbs smell. Andrew does all his school work at that desk (and hours of League of Legends and Plants vs Zombies video gaming).

I practice yoga not two feet away. We have friends over all the time and chill in the living room. There is no way I want our living space to smell like cat poo.

I also wanted to make sure that our litter was environmentally friendly. For the longest while we went with Pine cat litter. Andrew liked the smell (even though I know 100% associate pine litter with waste smell) and the cat movements only smelled for a few minutes before being absorbed. Then it stopped clumping... which is really gross.

A month ago we finally caved and tried a new litter: Blue Buffalo Walnut litter. It's like the magical cat litter fairy has shown us the way.

Although it looks really frackin' weird since it's so DARK, there is absolutely NO smell whatsoever. Even when we forget for a few extra days to empty the litter. None. It is the BEST for clumping and we have much less tracking around the apartment.

Oh, and did I mention it was made of walnut shells in the USA??


  1. I'm now on my 2nd bag and love the walnut litter! It doesn't smell and it clumps nicely for easy clean up.

  2. Great tip. How does it compare price-wise to other brands? I've been using Worlds Best for the past few years and think it's great -- except that it doesn't do much to cover the odours, unfortunately. But since I'm not willing to use anything scented, I figured there wasn't really another choice. I might have to check this kind out though!

    1. welll it's a bit complicated of an answer.
      our pine litter we had to change over every two weeks, had to scoop more often and because of the lack of clumping it contaminated the rest sooner (hence the changing over completely every two weeks). But it was 36$ a bag but you got more.
      this stuff you only have to change over once a month, it actually works but it's 28$ a bag for less amount.

      i would think in the end it will even out? we love love love it.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! We have been looking for a more natural litter. I am excited for us to check this out!

  4. Thanks for this post! I found it completely by accident (a yoga-related google search)but so glad I did. I've tried pine litter in the past but it gave one of my feline babies an oozing skin lesion (apparently this is common in small animals). Very interested to try the walnut litter if I can find it. Is it safe to flush if one chose to do so?

    1. haha fun!! Well.. in Halifax technically I don't think you're supposed to flush cat waste down the toilet- but we do.... and I would assume that because it's natural it's safe?


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