Sunday, March 17, 2013

GPB: Sugar Shack Taffy: Lessons to be Learned from Rural Living

I'm home in my tiny childhood village in rural Nova Scotia this weekend and had the chance to visit 'The Sugar Shack': a local maple syrup event held by a neighbouring fisherman and his family. It was definitely a reminder of the lessons rural living can teach the urban dwellers on the value and importance of community.

Last night, as I gazed up at the stars that looked close and bright enough to reach up and touch, breathing in the fresh, clean air and hearing only the sounds of the ocean and wind I realized that I was tired of urban living.

Despite the reduced cost from transportation, proximity of the farmer's market, and nearness of all fun and exciting things, I am a believer that rural living fosters more interdependance and community. Which is really what we are missing in our continued disconnect and disrespect of our planet.

Go check out the Green Phone Booth for a more details on the Sugar Shack and some fantastic photos!

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  1. Love cabane a sucre (can't find the accents on my iPad!). I've been doing some research on my husband's family tree, and I believe his roots are Acadian. So excited to share the rich history with him and our kiddos!


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