Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Abba Had It Right: Songza

You know that Abba song- "Thank you for the music?" (yeah, I went there). Well... as sad as it sounds that is one song that I can completely relate. Every single lyric resonates, makes me happy in a strange and guilty way.

(ok, and now it's stuck in my head... great).

I need music. I start to get pretty cranky without it. I imagine that my soul starts to look like a dried, cracked, crumbly clay stone (kinda what I imagine Medusa's victims to look like). I absolutely have zero ability to relate to people who don't really care about music. What kind of person is ambiguous about music?? It's almost monstrous.

I don't really care what your tastes are. In fact, I happen to like almost every single type of music. From Krishna Das to Tool to Maroon 5 (don't judge- Roseanne also likes Maroon 5. And yes I just called her out on it).

Up until now my go-to for random listening to music for a) cooking b) reading c) working and d) fun times with friends has been a mish mash of cbc radio jazz or radio 3, and randomly downloading youtube videos... since I really don't have the energy to make specific playlists.

And like magic, (or with the help of our genius friends Steph and Matt), I now have access to the most fabulous playlist creator of all.....


It's kinda like "Hahzah!" but for songs.

Don't believe me? Here's a few reasons why Songza rocks the beesknees:

  • Songza has playlists for every imaginable event or activity and style. You get to choose what you want, click play and no longer worry about it. Awesome.
  • There's several "yoga" style options. Need I say more?
  • It's free. Yes!
  • The BEST part is the website design and programming...
The "Music Concierge"
M. le concierge asks you (politely) every login what type of activity you'd like for your music listening pleasure. Depending on the time of day it can range from "work-no lyrics" to "Saving the World" (my personal favourite), "cooking" or "looking at pictures of your ex".

You click on the general activity option with the fun stick figures, and it proceeds to give you another five options of genres to choose from. THEN it goes along to give you another three options of playlists with descriptions of why you should love them.

Le contended sigh.

So, for your next funky friend gathering, or your next yoga class, check out Songza as an easy and free music option (who wouldn't want to practice yoga with a soundtrack meant for saving the world??)


  1. It's great, eh? I find it lifts my mood every time I open up a window. Hells yes I want to wake up happy! LET'S DO THIS SONGZA!

  2. I have just discovered Songza through a coworker and I agree - it is awesome! My husband enjoys creating playlists but I can't access it on my devices so it is perfect when I don't know what I want to listen to. It helps me enjoy cleaning, cooking, baking. Did I just say I enjoy cleaning?!?

  3. So I've been exploring Songza since you recommended it. Totally dig it, thanks for the tip!


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