Monday, January 28, 2013

Adventures in Carrot-Ginger-Apple Soup Making: Storing in Jars

Did I ever share with you all that both Andrew and I are ridiculously fussy eaters, but in different ways?

Yep. Fates definitely missed the perfection of our relationship on that account. He has such an aversion to all things vegetable and fruit (I KNOW? Wtf right? Who dislikes FRUIT?) and I have such an aversion to all things freezable and well... sauce-esque, I have no idea what we're going to do in order to model normal eating in our non-kitten twinkle in our eye.

Hopefully not the model that Kraft Dinner is amazing. (which, btw, I am eating right now. Yum yum! And mom said that when I grew up I wouldn't like KD- fooled her!).

Let's just say that eating healthy and environmentally friendly is NOT an easy thing to do when a) vegetables and fruits are restricted along with b) anything freezable and canning-y-fied and c) sauce-condiment-esque.

My sauce aversion also kinda extends to soups. Which I am slowly, over the course of the past six years, making baby steps to rectify. Mostly what happens is that I am forced to eat some type of soup at a restaurant (say, conference, or fancy place that it's a set menu- like this NYE) and I have to admit that although I feel a bit squeamish on the texture, it might actually taste kinda good. I usually also feel nauseous at the end of the soup eating experience since it's so NEW and disturbing and the texture grosses me out, but that's beside the point.

I can LIKE the taste.

When Andrew said he would actually eat frozen soup (well, soup that we had frozen and de-thawed) I was all over that like Asteya on her cat food. Then he said the c-word.

(our rainbow carrots. Although I tried to choose the more 'orange-y' ones, the resulting soup still ended up looking like snot...)

ICK. I am a firm believer that carrots should be enjoyed à la crunchy. And not à la mushy. I know because I've tried carrot soup before (yes, that was for my mother- yes mom, I have tried carrot soup, three times). Anyhoo, I decided that since I knew exactly what was going into this soup, and in solidarity with my Andrew's attempt at getting some type of vegetable in his system, I would eat some soup.

(But oh how I love rainbow carrots!)

We also decided the we would store said mushy carrot soup in mason jars. If you haven't already been made aware- mason jars are the bestest way to store, freeze and enjoy soup:

  • They are easily stackable
  • they are plastic-free (99% anyway)
  • they are uber easy to clean
  • they are cheaper than fancy storage containers
  • they store a ton of soup
  • they are easy to carry to work
  • it's super duper easy to reheat soup in a mason jar (or dump into a bowl like I did)
Our plan- if the soup actually tasted not disgusting, the next time we would double the recipe and make enough to store for lots of lunches. Woot woot!

One small hiccup- we only have a 'magic bullet' (no no, not the sexy-time toy!! the blender, silly!) which doesn't allow for the greatest puree-ing, nor very much blending at a time. But we managed. And it actually didn't taste that bad (although it was kinda applesauce-y).

Andrew INSISTED that the BEST recipe for carrot soup was from Chatelaine- Carrot Apple Ginger Soup. I also insisted that we add our own secret ingredient- a bit more apple and chilli pepper flakes.

(Andrew, blending away. We had to use a oven mit since the soup was so hot... at least it wasn't in the plastic jar part very long!)

A few thoughts: chopping onions suck. I would put less onion than the recipe calls for. Also, rainbow carrots from the market- although tastier, made the soup look less orange and more brown. A bit icky. (Andrew believes that Chatelaine photoshopped their carrot soup example. I must agree).

If you freeze soup in a mason jar, be sure to leave 1-2 inches for expansion room.

We should invest in a stick blender.

(Andrew wanted me to share this picture, since it looks the most orange. But I assure you that IRL it looks much more snot-esque and less happy orange....)

Also- I requested that the next recipe be something like butternut squash... carrots are just meant to be crunchy.


  1. J'adore les soupes de courges et de patates; comme au Japon les légumes coûtent la peau des fesses, l'un des moins cher est la Kabocha, une sorte de citrouille. Un vrai délice rôti, bouilli, en soupe, sauté, en 'stew', etc. Et ça donne une jolie couleur.

  2. Yum! I LOVE home-made soups in winter although I tend to like them chunky instead of blended. They are a great way to get a hit of vegetables and other yummy goodness. My favourites are mushroom soup, mixed vegetable soup, and curry cauliflower soup with lemon. Yum!

  3. I love soups in the winter. And cool fall days too. My two favourites are Curried Sweet Potato Soup by Joy the Baker, and the Clean Eating Butternut Squash Soup by Tosca Reno. The butternut squash shop has about 4 ingredients, and is super easy!

  4. A little tip: if you are going to puree the soup at the end, just cut the onions in large chunks. Also a nice addition, is some miso when pureeing.
    good luck on your journey of soup!

  5. ooaawwwhhhhh this sounds and looks sooooo amazing!


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