Thursday, August 16, 2012

Be an Eco-Cat-Yogi: Adopt from your local shelter

Two years ago when Andrew and I decided to grow our family to include a cat-person, there was never any question that we'd adopt from our local SPCA (animal shelter).
(Atreyu when we first adopted him)

Our cities have an alarming feral and stray cat problem that just keeps growing- why would we buy from breeders or pet stores when we could rescue a cat already in need of a home?

Although it wasn't free, the cost (which honestly wasn't that bad- 120$ish) included a spay (or neuter), first vaccinations and a microchip implantation. We signed our statement saying our little 8 week old kitten would be an indoor cat that would forever keep his claws and brought him to his forever home.

The experience was even more striking when we adopted our second (and final!) cat-person: Asteya a year later. She was already a year old, had obviously been abandoned by her humans and was slow to trust, slow to love. It has taken her over a year in a half to become openly trusting and affectionate, although she was never actively UNaffectionate, just cautious. Although it breaks my heart that someone obviously abandoned her, I'm so glad we were able to find her a loving, healthy home.

Beyond the 'rescue' aspect of adopting from your local shelter is the fact that feral and stray cats have a significant negative impact on the environment. They are a huge killer of local birdlife and have been pointed out as responsible for species extinction for certain countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Summer means cat-breeding time and as this cbc news clip shows, Nova Scotian (and presumably cities nationwide) SPCA shelters are facing epic cat population crisis.

If you're thinking of adding a kitten to your home, ADOPT from your local animal shelter :)

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  1. After going to the SPCA shelter earlier in the summer to visit the cats I have decided that any animal I get in the future will *definitely* come for a shelter. They're just as cute and adorable as cats on kijiji or cats from breeders. And they really need a good home so why not? Thanks for helping spread the word :)

  2. My Great Pyrenees/Lab is a rescue, someone dumped her and three puppies at my parents house. She was clearly abused but she a total sweetheart. She is well loved now (and spoiled!) and is getting over her fears from having been abused. I will always rescue our pets.


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