Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To Not Hate Your Body

(caution: please excuse the moment of drama- am feeling it today!)

How to not hate your body:

- accept that the medical test results are right and that you are perfectly healthy.
- therefore, accept that you will menstruate every 1.5 to 2 weeks for at least 10-12 days straight.
- accept the fact that the doctor informed you that "this is the way you're built".
- don't imagine kicking the doctor in her shins. That's not nice. Maybe imagine it a little.
- be happy that you don't have cancer, or fibroids, or a missing uterus.
- be angry that you don't have cancer, or fibroids, or a missing uterus.
- go back to being very relieved, guilty that you even thought the angry-cancer part- and repeat.
- acknowledge that your body is strong and capable of running and a vigorous yoga practice.
- be excited that you can build muscles- it will come in handy when you become a superhero.
- celebrate that you can make babies in your non-missing uterus.
- go rock in a corner at the thought of pregnancy and child birth and what that would do to your now present uterus and other bits.
- get back on track and think of positive things about your body.
- like how you don't have ugly feet.
- and you don't have to pluck your eyebrows anymore cuz wouldn't you know, your mom was right: they stop growing after you turn 25.
- your vocal folds are pretty darn fantastical as they allow you to sing without people cringing.
- your brain and heart, although sensitive, allow you to be creative, enjoy fantasy novels, create music, to laugh and to love the wonderful man who is your husband. Excellent.
- And the giraffe neck is perfect for wearing ridiculously long and dangly earrings.

Basically, how not to hate your body is to be grateful that you have one.

(me-not hating my body while we dance to LMFAO at 1am at the cottage last weekend)

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  1. Absolutely, so happy for you. Yay. x

  2. We all need a reminder sometimes.. :-)

  3. :) I hear you on the learning to love the body thing, even when it feels like it should be doing things differently... and on the spending time rocking in the corner when you think about what having a baby will do to your bits... :(

  4. Just thought I'd mention, if you do decide to have kids someday - my menstrual cycle changed dramatically after having kids. Maybe it's because between pregnancy and breastfeeding I practically didn't have a period for five years. :) But anyway, just because this is how your body is now doesn't mean it will always be that way.

  5. So happy nothing is wrong and you're perfectly healthy :)

  6. Sorry about your cycle. :-( I went through that for two cycles in my early 20s and have no idea what it was about. There's this book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility that is amazing for understanding the menstrual cycle. It solved so many mysteries for me. I don't remember any details abotu frequent cycles, but I wasn't on the look out for that either.

    Don't worry about what pregnancy and babies will do to your body. It takes time, but your body has an amazing ability to expand and contract. I totally freaked out and worried about it. It was so unnecessary. I'm back outside rockin' my bikini with my 14-month-old on my hip and contemplating another. Actually, I was out rockin my tankini 6 weeks post-birth. In reality, it wasn't a pretty sight, but I didn't know any better. After being so pregnant, I felt so skinny!

  7. Thanks, I needed this. I'm feeling pretty betrayed by my body right now (miscarriage--sorry if that's an overshare) so it's good to focus on all the amazing things it can do instead of obsessing over what it can't (or hasn't, at least). I'm so happy you're healthy! Much love.

    1. Not an overshare. That must suck so bad. Hang in there.

    2. Thanks, Melissa. It's one day at a time, for sure. I love keeping up with you and your little guy. :)

  8. Hey, don't underestimate the value of good-looking feet! Seriously. (Iyengar yogis are obsessed with feet.)

    I love your new header design. One of my other goals of summer is a blog redesign.

    Thanks for your comment on my Supta Virasana post. I'll keep you posted on whether those inevitable knee sensations subside over 31 days...

  9. I'm glad it went well with the doc, despite the news of a 2 week period, which SUCKS! But like you said: How wonderful that we have bodies that work. Really, that's a blessing beyond most others that we forget SO OFTEN.

  10. Your cycle sounds like something isn't right, despite medical dr's opinion--have you considered double checking with a naturopath? Sometimes the idea of what's "normal" is a little different, and you can get a different viewpoint and alternative ways to treat. Glad you're loving your body :)


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