Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Post-Yoga-Coffee Change You Can Do

Post-Yoga Coffee.

(Our post-yoga coffee after Salutation Nation last year. YUM)

You know you've had it.

It would seem that Lulu and Starbucks are a dream made in heaven (although you'd be REALLY cool if you drank direct trade and bought eco-yoga gear... just sayin').

In light of Beth's (My Plastic-free Life) recent post from an Anonymous employee of Starbucks in the States, I thought we could chat about one easy change when it comes to coffee.

Ask for it in a to-stay ceramic mug.

No really, that should be the first sentence you say- "I'd like my order in a for-here ceramic mug please". If you are sitting down to drink that coffee, why do you need a to-go, disposable and wasteful cup?? (and if you can't stay- bringing your own mug not only saves the planet, but keeps your coffee warmer, longer. Just make sure you request they don't measure in a disposable cup first).

My biggest pet peeve when I enter coffee shops is seeing all the people sitting, chatting, obviously NOT to-going and drinking out of disposable coffee cups. Lame. I have this scary feeling of marching up and informing them of their uncoolness. But that gets squashed by my social-norms monitor (NOT socially acceptable! Let it go!).

My problem is that I have good intentions and there are times they are thwarted (mostly whenever I go to Starbucks) by the baristas and their company's wasteful, lame-o habits.

Possible scenarios to prepare for- (cuz if you're not prepared you'll probably take that to-go cup).

1. The barista says: "I'm sorry, but our mugs are all being used at the moment"
  Answer: "Thanks, I'll take my business elsewhere."
(no really, unless there is NO other elsewhere, you should bring your business to a place that has enough mugs to service their customers. Even Tim Horton's offers for here mugs).

2. The barista says: "Our mugs are just in the washer right now." reaches for to-go cup...
Answer: "Stop!! (ok, maybe not shouting stop) That's ok, I'll wait for it to be done. May I have some free water IN A FOR HERE GLASS while I wait?"

3. You hand the barista your reusable mug and say: "I know this is weird... but I would appreciate it if you didn't measure it a to-go cup and pour it in my mug. Thanks!"
This may need some explaining. Honestly, if the barista is incapable of making your coffee the way you'd like it, it's not worth your time yogic time.

And there you have it! You are prepared for your for-here post yoga mug experience!

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  1. "I know this is weird... but I would appreciate it if you didn't measure it a to-go cup and pour it in my mug. Thanks!"

    Oh, god, that reminds me of the supermarket I used to go to where if you asked for paper rather than plastic, they'd give you a paper bag inside a plastic one...

  2. There are coffee shops that still use ceramic mugs, but usually those are local places, not the chains. Too bad. Even Tim Hortons used to have ceramic everything in their restaurants.

    1. actually... i know Starbucks still has their ceramic mugs- and so does Tim's- you just have to ask for them. It's like they are purposefully not advertising that they have mugs :S

  3. Great post! This is the sort of thing that we (in the general sense) casually forget when on the run. Thanks for the post! :)

  4. I just started a social media flash mob about this. Let's all tell them we want to offered those mugs and see less waste in their shops!

  5. I know you live in Halifax. I mean this respectfully, but why are you going to starbucks. There are so many wonderful independent coffee/tea places both in in Halifax and Dartmouth:) Try some. All the ones I go to have ceramic or glass mugs for using there.
    I also really wonder about all the people sitting in coffee shops drinking out of takeout cups.

    1. Yep!! Actually, I rarely go to Starbucks, I think I've gone twice or three times in the past three years since I've lived here (mostly while at Chapters, or a few times to meet friends).
      As you can see above in the pic, my favourite place is Smiling Goat (however, I am not a fan of their compostable cups, since HRM doesn't actually compost them), second is JustUs!. I'm not really a fan of TIBS, but I go when I'm working in Dartmouth and want a treat :)
      What I see as the striking difference between small locally owned coffee shops is that they ALL offer the reusable mug as a default FIRST. And you don't see as many people drinking out of disposable cups in their shops.

      My post was mainly a response to Beth Terry's post about Starbucks. :)


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