Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Convincing Your Partner to Use Honey on their Face

My face has been on honey for over a year now and it has been fabulous for so many reasons. One major reason is that I don't buy face wash anymore!

Why I love using Honey as face wash:
  • it's the ONLY thing that doesn't dry out or enflame my skin.
  • even with my combination skin, it keeps the dry parts moist and the oily parts moisturized.
  • my skin is incredibly soft afterwards.
  • the Honey's natural anti-microbial properties help clean away acne nasties, gently and naturally.
  • the gentle scrub also means it's delicate on my fragile (and to be fair, wisening) facial skin cells.
  • it's healing properties has worked wonders for my rosacea.
  • it's extremely affordable.
  • my 'face honey' comes from a local farmer who just strained it into the jar and who's bees pollinate the flowers and property of neighbouring organic farms!
  • it tastes DIVINE.
(Check out Crunchy Betty's Honey Face Wash Challenge for more details and info!)

Recently I've stepped up my attempts to get Andrew to try it as well. Weirdly, the men I know just don't wash their faces... I've tried (subtly) to get him to use almost anything on his face... with limited success. 

For the past two weeks, for the first time in his 32 years, Andrew has been washing his face every other day. With Honey. 

What convinced him to try it?

I told him it tasted yummy and that sometimes, somehow the honey just got in my mouth while I washed my face. 

What? Something sugar-y to add to his shower experience? He was IN. I gave him a quick tutorial: put a quarter sized dollop in hand, rub onto face in gentle circular motions with ends of fingers, rinse with water or wash cloth. 

He recently admitted the other night to maybe licking his entire hand sometimes while in the shower. 

Now if only I could find a small suction cup basket ball net to put over the laundry basket....

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  1. I LOVE IT!! I'm sick of spending $$$$ on Nutrogena and crap at the drug store - I'm gonna go this route and maybe add some sugar because my complexion is dull and uneven and I need a good exfoliator.
    Thanks for sharing...congrats on swaying your husband over to the sweet side - lol

  2. I really must try it. I've done it once but it was more of a mask. Just add some organic cocoa powder and you have chocolatey goodness all over your face :D

  3. Okay I just have to try this! I would never have thought to use honey as an actual cleanser...This could be very good for my 'aging' skin:) Thank you for sharing!

    Om Shanti,

  4. What a neat idea! I will try this.

  5. Yay! You know me - I don't believe in washing the face with soap! I'm still on oil, primarily because the local honey around here is super expensive. I buy it and treat it like literal gold, for special cups of tea, only! So I'm still on oil, which works so well for me. But honey is totally awesome!

  6. Washing face with honey? Sounds crazy. But the logic behind it is strong enough to everyone. As an experienced Yoga instructor working at
    Anamaya Yoga
    , I got a lot of student frequently complaining about their face wash. I will definitely suggest them to try honey,

    Monirul Hoque
    Yoga Instructor

  7. Who knew? Must give it a try. Thanks.

  8. My grandma used to go to sauna every week and every time she would take with her a jar with honey, which she will use all over her body. She would then spent one hour in the sauna and after that she would washed it off, come out and drink 2 glasses of cold salty ayran (something like Russian kefir). She lived till age of 95 and she looked fabulous.

  9. what a fabulous idea. I am going to try it tonight. Because I also live in Halifax, I wonder if you would share your honey source? thank you:)


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