Saturday, May 12, 2012

Open City Halifax- Buying Local

Part of being an Eco Yogi is keeping the mileage out of your products (it's also part of being a responsible consumer). Purchasing local means that you support your local economy, help support  local jobs and as a result those taxes go back into your community services.

I Love Local Halifax was created by a group of like-minded locally owned businesses that have spearheaded and promoted many fabulous city-wide events and initiatives. Truly, it's pretty genius and works extremely well.

This weekend is "Open City", a sort of summer kick start to encourage Haligonians (and non-locals) to buy locally. Fun independent and locally owned businesses had fabulous events, sales and special extras all over the city. Andrew and I went walking between 1-5pm and following are a few things that we saw!

 Our first stop was P'lovers' new location on South Park! (In the Trillium) I love this funky coffee bean chair. They were giving away staple-less staplers and tree saplings! (we chose the stapler as planting a tree is trickier than you think...)
 The actual space is beautiful. A full two walls of windows and so much eco friendly clothing, books, house ware and beauty products! Definitely worth a stop for the local and tourist Eco Yogi.
 From there we walked up South Park for a few minutes and right next to the Lord Nelson we stopped at our favourite organic fair trade espresso bar- Smiling Goat! They were offering 2$ double espressos (fair trade organic), which Andrew enjoys immensely. This photo is of the most delicious mocha in the city, with fair trade organic espresso, organic chocolate milk and organic Belgium Chocolate. YUM!

From there we stopped at Pete's Frootique, entered a 100$ gift certificate draw, and purchased Green Beaver Sunscreen. Before continuing onward, I made Andrew step aside and slather it on. This stuff is pretty thick, but surprisingly doesn't go on white (and it worked!).
 We then wandered over to Love,Me Boutique where "Made With Local", a new, DELICIOUS, granola bar company made it's Debut! I sampled their Cherry Dark Chocolate soft granola bar and it was absolutely divine. Made with mostly local and organic ingredients, I demolished the bar that I bought. 
 The Farmer's Market revealed our favourite local (Lunenburg) distillery, Ironworks. We adore their delicious rhum made with locally owned Crosby's Molasses. We got to taste the Blueberry, Cranberry and Artic Kiwi liqueurs as well as the Pear Eau de Vie all made with local berries and fruits! (yep, Artic Kiwis are grown in Nova Scotia). Our favourite was the cranberry liqueur- so we bought a bottle. Yum!
We ended our journey chillin' on the waterfront listening to the ocean and enjoying the salt air breeze! By the time we returned home, a much needed 30 minute yoga practice was the perfect ending to a great day!

(Open city continues tomorrow- if you missed today, be sure to check out the events for tomorrow!!)

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  1. Everything there looks so beautiful! Makes me want to go shopping there! :)

  2. I got to enjoy the open city and it's free parking on Sunday--didn't even know it was happening. Also got to try a segway for free down by the water front--felt very nerdy:)


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