Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flipping over for Yoga in the Park!

Tonight we practiced our first Yoga in the Park 2012. It was in the mid twenties- freakish climate change type weather for March.

After a week of being sick, presenting for Andrew's business communication second year university course, an emergency trip to the vet for Atreyu AGAIN (UTI this time, and apparently last time as well) and craziness at work I needed some outside yoga love.

Although it wasn't nearly the quiet sound of ocean waves against the shore, feeling the sun on my face and the wind over my skin was pure magic. 

Three of us YITP peeps faced the ocean and quietly moved through five surya a's at our own pace. The beauty of practicing sun sals quietly is the ability to allow your mind to explore and experience the breath and the postures. I've had much less patience for instructors who just can't seem to allow space for silence (do I really need to hear about the minute adjustments or some karma one liner while in downdog for five breaths?).

As YITP is more about practicing as a group of yogis together outside in a free space, and less about teaching and learning yoga- this is the perfect environment for "less is more". 

After five surya a's I led us through an easy flow-y sequence opening our hearts, preparing our sides and hips for an eventual triangle and ending with a fun new asana: "fallen angel". YITP is the perfect space for trying silly new asanas in a safe non judgemental space. 

I had the urge to try to feel light, and hopped my legs up a few times. It's been years that I've been doing this, never coming close to hovering- handstand a far away dream. So a few kick ups with a muttered "someday I want to do handstand" and HOP..... my legs go up.... and up.... and up..... and there goes the sky.... and oh I'm going over... OVER!!! I think: "Holy shit, I actually did it! and SMACK. My back lands on the mat. Thankfully the soft grass makes for a cushy landing and I managed to protect my neck. I'm sure it was pretty darn comical to see.

Hello Yoga in the Park- I have missed you.

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  1. Yay for YITP!! Can't believe this amazing weather we have been having.

  2. I cannot wait for outdoor yoga! Also, I hear ya on the yakity yakity teachers.


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