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Consignment and EcoFriendly Clothing: Crimson and Clover!

Working in a professional environment involving presentations and PR means revamping my wardrobe every season. I'm not that hard on clothing, but if it starts to look worn I end up looking shabby and not professional.

I try to invest in clothing that is made as locally as possible and with environmentally friendly textiles, but it's definitely pricey with a limited selection. My body type means I need to physically try clothing on for the most part- so ordering from Etsy or online isn't always straightforward.

Another option people often bring up is second hand shopping. I'm going to be honest- until recently, finding previously loved clothing that looks professional and crisp was almost impossible. I don't have the patience (or time) to go serious Frenchy's shopping.

That has all changed thanks to Crimson and Clover!

In early autumn a new Consignment Boutique, Crimson and Clover, opened up in Halifax. Located on 1351 Birmingham Street (below Clyde Street) in the cutest little heritage home, Crimson and Clover was opened by two fabulous fashionistas Jennifer and Stacey.

 "Used Clothing for the Rich and Famous" teehee!
 Love this part of Halifax with the cute streets and heritage buildings. Grey-Blue building houses Crimson and Clover!

 Check out the fabulous heritage finishings- the plaster molding on the ceiling lamp, the fireplace on the right above and another in the front room below! Also LOVE the original floors.

Unlike other second-hand/consignment shops, Crimson and Clover has extremely rigid guidelines as to what they accept into consignment. I know, since I've just consigned two items (a beautiful lululemon top that was worn once and sacha london shoes). They only accept clothing that are from important fashion labels (the only department store labels are high level such as Club Monaco or Banana Republic), extremely gently used, within recent fashion trends and must be impeccably cleaned/ironed/pressed.

Prices at Crimson and Clover reflect the quality of the garment. Since all clothing are in pristine condition and very well made, you can expect to pay a reasonable price. That said, the prices are much lower than if you'd buy the clothing brand new.

Buying previously loved is one of the BEST ways to wear environmentally friendly. Unlike new eco-clothing such as organic cotton or sustainable bamboo, previously loved doesn't have any extra manufacturing footprint or transportation carbon footprint. Since you have to be prepared to pay premium dollar for organic cotton made in USA/Canada clothing, the prices at Crimson and Clover for eco-friendly clothing that looks fabulous is a steal.

(They even have a fantastic selection of yoga gear!)

The first few times I visited the store, it was like walking into a whole other fashion universe. Stacey and Jennifer are fun and smart ladies who are quick to recommend and so excited about their clothing. It's contagious and soon their passion for beautiful pre-loved stylish clothing rubs off. They constantly have new offerings, literally every weekend there are several new pretties to look at!
My purchases! Top: Harujuku Lovers sweater (tags were still on it!), Blu Heaven Stop. Bottom: Ella Moss soft herring bone dress, striped shirt, Velvet feather dress and cutest ever silk dress/shirt!
Me in my new-to-me harajuku lovers sweater and beautiful gifted scarf that my friend Carla found for me in Pakistan!

If you're in Halifax I highly recommend that you add Crimson and Clover to your EcoFriendly clothing must see!

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  1. Awesome! Our repurposed shops mostly stink around here. I wish we had some better options, but I know it will come with time!

    P.S. Did I ever tell you how pretty I think your apartment is? So lovely!

  2. Cool, I'll have to check it out next time I'm in the area.

  3. Can't wait to check them out! Thanks for recommending :)

  4. Love vintage and consignment stores! I typically find the best handbags, costume jewelry and small home decor items in these stores!


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