Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PETA Supports Violence Against Women on Love Day

Being eco-friendly on Heart day is kinda tricky. Although there are more "do" type activities (such as eating out, consuming local wine, watching a romantic movie or going out and doing something- such as a burlesque show which my local coffee barista said he was doing tonight!), there are still the pesticide sprayed flowers and slave labour chocolates to consider.

Of course, being vegan or vegetarian has always been touted as being the penultimate planet friendly activity with PETA being the poster child for the 'right-wing leftist movement'. If that makes sense.

As a rule, I do not support anything PETA does, because of their sexist and misogynist use of women in their ads and publicity stunts. Using a female body to 'sell' something (product or philosophy) is never cool, regardless of the end-point (see this article on why being a feminist and PETA supporter doesn't mesh).

I'd like to point out the latest stunt, just in case you've heard- the 'BWVAKTBOOM' or 'boyfriend went vegan and knocked the bottom out of me' ad. This video not only makes light of violence against women, it's insulting use of such a serious and very real problem (violence against women) in order to promote veganism is worrisome on a social scale.

In Canada it is estimated that 1 of 3 girls is sexually assaulted before the age of 18 and First Nations women experience spousal violence that is three times higher than the non-First Nations Canadian average. Between 2000-2009 there were 738 spousal homicides with women more likely to be killed by separated spousal partners. Women report more serious forms of violence than men, three times more likely to report they had been sexually assaulted, beaten, choked or threatened with a gun or knife. Please note- this is *only* what was reported (stats canada 2009 report).

Young women are more likely to be victims of abuse than men and between April 1st 2009 and March 31st 2010 numbers of women admitted into Canadian shelters for abused women exceeded 64,000 (Canadian Status of Women).

Victims are also less likely to report the incident to the police than in the past. The recent report in 2009 indicates that numbers of violence have been stable since the last report in 2004... as in it's not getting better. (stats canada 2009 report).

When we continue to support a culture that normalizes and justifies violence against women, the objectification of women's bodies to sell a product or philosophy, we also are supporting countless men who sexually assault, abuse and kill their female partners.

Instead, on this Valentine's Day, support a cultural change of equality, safety, respect and Love

If you choose veganism, do it out of respect for all living creatures and keeping our planet and Selves healthy.

Don't support PETA.

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  1. It's unfortunate that, for some people, a "compassionate lifestyle" means caring about animals but sneering contempt for fellow humans...

  2. That video is appalling! Thank you for a meaningful post. I fail to see how veganism makes it ok to brutalize your girlfriend???

    It's ok to be vegan. It's not ok to treat any woman like an object.

  3. What a seriously misguided advert. Did they mean he was violent, or did it imply he had so much more sexual power it wasn't violence from hate, but was sex? I used to support PETA but I no longer do, partly for the objectification of women but also they kill a lot of animals they rescue - 100s are put down.

  4. I think they did a great job with the spot, simply because they've created controversy (intentionally), gotten a ton of attention for the ad from people who might not otherwise listen to their message, AND given people a reason to become vegan that nearly everyone would want -- more great, passionate sex! I honestly think its brilliant... And the whole thing is tongue in cheek... He's a scrawny guy who unintentionally hurt his gf with some wild sex. And she's back for more, buying him celery!

    If their purpose was to get attention and inspire ppl to go vegan, then they were successful...

  5. Woah. Not only is this awful but there were so many ways they could have made it a positive (and hilarious) ad. What if they showed some really angry neighbours who were being kept all night? I'm generally not a fan of the PETA ads.


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