Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Des belles mitaines: Eco Mittens Find!

Sometimes being eco-friendly means choosing the cutest pair of mitaines that also happen to be kick-ass. (That and convincing your mother to knit you uber cute leggings from an eco-yarn you'll pick up for her at the fancy schmancy yarn store in Halifax...wink wink).

Living in Canada means having a really great pair of mittens. Those I'm wearing in the picture of my winter blog banner (pink) were handmade of upcycled fabrics but they weren't lined. They didn't hold up in the -5 to -30 degree (Celsius) weather.

Quick little tip for warmer mittens: true mittens (two sections, thumb and fingers) will keep your fingers warmer than separately enrobed gloves. This also applies to 'smoker's gloves' with the flap that fakes a mitten. Plus they look way cuter!

These mittens were purchased at Love,Me Boutique and have been tested out in -26 C with windchill weather and have been found to be amazing.

Handknit and created by Fiona Alice a textile artist in Halifax from 100% wool, a lovely fleece lining, reclaimed fox fur and authentic Harris Tweed (selected by the artist herself on the Isle of Harris, Scotland!) and la pièce de résistance: deer antler buttons!

Seriously, you can't be a true rural maritimer without reclaimed deer antler accoutrements (I can say this since I actually spent some time deer hunting with my dad growing up. No, no, we didn't actually kill anything- I would have been hysterical. Instead I walked with my dad, sat in the tree and read a book while we waited). It's like irony at it's best!

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  1. ougsAs a fellow Maritimer I, too, need warm mittens. Last fall I bought a pair of thrum mittens from a local mill and they are amazing. Haven't had a cold hand this winter - and they are lovely bright colours as well. I am always getting compliments on them.

    (As an aside - and I know this is not your fault - but the "characters" that indicate that I am not a robot are so obscure that I sometimes have to go through half a dozen tries or more to get them right. Often I just give up in frustration.)

  2. Hi Olivia,
    I've actually heard this recently from friends. I have no idea how to fix it? I want to be notified when people comment so I can read them, but I have no idea how to make it easier to comment...

    Any ideas? (I'd just move to wordpress if it wasn't so much work... wish I knew how awesome wordpress was when I started the blog!)

  3. Makes me (almost) wish I lived in a colder clime.

  4. You can turn off the word verification, but it might leave you open to spam. I don't use it on mine and I rarely get spam comments, but I'm not a popular blog ;)


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