Saturday, January 28, 2012

Local Eco-Adventure to Two if by sea

Despite having a terrible head cold, Andrew and I decided to take an adventure this afternoon. A few ideas were thrown around, but Andrew had never been on the Ferry to Dartmouth nor to Dartmouth's pride and joy, 'Two if by Sea' Café. 

Public transit, walking and local businesses? Perfect eco-adventure. So we (ok I) bundled up and off we went. 

 This is across the street from the new Nova Scotia Power building (in their parking lot). It's a charger for the Nissan Leaf that they're piloting (during the week a car is parked here). Unfortunately, Nova Scotia's energy is for the most part coal generated, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction!

 A 'new' (ish) chocolaterie that opened- the service was fabulous and the chocolates are devine!

 We arrived early at the Ferry terminal, so we decided to check out the new Two if by sea- Halifax kiosk (right next to Hart & Thistle). The owner, Zane, was there and was kind enough to let me take a picture and gifted us with free small coffee to tide us over until we got to the Dartmouth café! 

 TIBS always has the best signs. 

 All bundled up on the ferry! It was a bit windy... but then it's always windy in Halifax.

 TIBS original Dartmouth sign 'Roses are red, violets are blue, cookies taste good, so do croissants' lol.

 They serve HUGE cookies and croissants. This cookie was the size of my face and about two inches thick.... We couldn't eat it all. TIBS also has extremely interesting croissants of the week like 'Cherry Bomb' with cream cheese and cherries. 
Beyond fair trade (and direct trade) organic coffee, they regularly have 'family dinners' where tickets are coveted and hard to come by. For around 50$ a seat you get a surprise local menu of fabulous food in a community environment. The Dartmouth café has fantastic atmosphere and is a must see if you're visiting the city!

 The Ferry Dartmouth side. You can see the fake 'hibou's. I'm fairly certain they don't actually scare away sea gulls (as I see them circling around the warf every day). Metro transit may go on strike this week, so my walk-ferry ride to work may go on pause for a little while and it'll be back to driving. 

Weirdly, one of my favourite parts of this city is the stonework on buildings and walls. 

Now... after all that walking it's time for a nap!

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  1. Love this---I enjoy being taken along on adventures to see new places--so thank you for sharing! That cookie and the cafe itself look amazing. It sounds like such a neat lil place and the sign was perfect "eat butter, take the stairs" ---so michael pollan. ;) Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. what a lovely time, I just love getting out in the cold but having the best time, cake always helps!!

  3. Gorgeous! That cookie makes my mouth water!


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